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Gaming industry staying afloat in a sea of data

The volume of available data is always increasing and it is difficult to tell how much of it is important.

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In this article, data expert Anthony Liston, the head of eGaming at Pure Storage will talk about how the gaming industry stays ahead of others when it comes to data. Anthony’s experience at Cisco and EMC will help other industries to keep up with innovation with the help of data because today data has become a commodity in its own right.

Data has a sheer volume of available information which increases each year. Now, data is a foundation of many focal points for many businesses, whether it is app performance, analysis, or product development, data is the key. These are the views of Anthony Liston and he will outline the challenges that global industries face when it comes to data. He is also sure that gaming, especially iGaming has to think smart when it comes to data storage and analysis. 

Anthony also adds that there are four pillars that can be considered the foundation of any strategy that has to meet modern expectations and performance demands. These pillars are: speed, cloud, simple is smart, and innovation. 

Speed matters because you need to have high performance and highly available systems that have to be always online. Cloud computing should be everywhere because you are free to run business and applications on-premise or on public cloud and these shouldn’t be isolated. The third pillar, simple is smart is ideal because there are so many different technologies, providers, and platforms and it is important to use technology in the best simple way.

Innovation is important because businesses need to have the ability to evolve their products and applications. So it is clear that subscribing to innovation there will be a technology that will be built to evolve these businesses. 

Keeping With The Times

Technology is developing and changing at such a rate that all businesses have more choice than ever when it comes to platforms, services, and solutions. This can also create challenges, but it greatly depends on the size of the company. For example, Liston says that a well-established business needs to deal with the fact that growth and M&A activities can bring a plethora of legacy platforms and technologies.

He also adds that these challenges come from different manufacturers and providers and there is always a cost in integrating and standardizing on common platforms as the business grows. On the other side, newcomers to any market look for the ability to embrace new technologies, however, they need infrastructure and the software to build the business. These newcomers often go to the public cloud providers, because they can get these services in a scalable and durable manner. On the other side, as the business grows, the balance between easy access to features is often against the public cloud.

A business has to think carefully when it comes to their choices, especially within the gaming industry, where favorable circumstances for expansion may present on the other side of the world as well. Liston explains that this is thinking about choices that you need to make in order to not find yourself in a position where the technology is stuck. 

Data As Speciality

The volume of available data is always increasing and it is difficult to tell how much of it is important. One of the challenges that the iGaming industry can face is not knowing how much or what data needs to be stored. From the compliance and regulation perspective, an online casino has to store some data for a certain amount of time. Almost every touchpoint between the operator and player needs to be recorded and stored for anything up and beyond seven years. In order to be able to deliver data value, the business must turn to modern-day analytics tools. 

However, there are opportunities around data and it is artificial intelligence and how this technology is able to assist in data analysis and make the manual tasks more efficient. Liston is one of those voices that says that the shift to AI is treated historically as a science project for businesses, which now are able to find solutions and create value for organizations with the help of it. 

Liston added that in the last six to twelve months he had seen an interesting turn where operators are beginning to embrace the AI capabilities in order to fix their business. And according to him, the key component to a business, especially on the online side, is to be able to deliver advantages with the help of AI. An online business needs to have a platform that can effectively crunch and digest information very quickly so that the outcomes will be delivered more efficiently, in real-time. 

In addition, in the future, it is expected that competition will only intensify over the next few years. When this will happen, the industry will look to personalize the player experience using real-time streaming data and sophisticated machine learning applications. This will be made in order to outwit and outpace the competition. There seems to be only one way regarding data, and legacy technologies and architectures that are not fluid, agile, hugely scalable, and performance-oriented will not make it into this future. Those who will invest in modern data experiences will be on the finish line.   

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