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Welcome to KnowTechie!

Welcome to my new blog, KnowTechie.

Welcome to KnowTechie. This is a blog tailored to people who love tech but live outside the bubble. Think of this as a tech blog for the local auto mechanic, any one of your high school friends, or even your annoying co-worker. It’s a tech blog for people who like tech but don’t necessarily want to sign up for a Twitter account just yet.

Hi, my name is Kevin Raposo, and I’ll be running this blog. I’m from Boston, MA, and I like to write about tech, the internet, and social media – pretty much anything digital. I’ve always been into tech, but I dove headfirst into it when I joined a local tech startup, SimpliSafe, from Boston, MA.

One of the reasons why I started this blog is because I eat, breathe, and live tech. A lot of my friends are into tech, but not at the level I am. When I mention something about a new product or feature, my friends listen.  I’m not saying I’m all-knowing, but I have a good ear to the ground. So with that said, I want to share my knowledge.

A little background…

In 2012 I started working for SimpliSafe, a start-up based out of Cambridge, MA, that received $59 million in funding from Sequoia Capital. Since then, I’ve been helping manage their content marketing, outreach, and PR efforts. I’ve been responsible for building relationships with journalists and bloggers. I’ve developed some great friendships and relationships while beefing up my tech knowledge.

Every once in a while, I’d share some tech news with my friends on Facebook, and it would spark some great discussions. I found my friends were completely oblivious to most of what was going on in the tech world. So this had me thinking…

Why not start a blog that’s tailored for “the rest of us?”

Here I am today

I’ve been cited in numerous digital publications such as TechCrunch, USA Today, BBC, CNET, TechRepublic, and The Chicago Tribune.

I’m not formally trained as a writer, but I aim to be informative and entertaining. And hey, as some say it: “blogging is practically graffiti with punctuation.” Right?
So bear with me on this journey. As I continue to build this blog, the results will show.

So here it is, KnowTechie – a tech blog for people who love tech but live outside the bubble.

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Kevin is KnowTechie's founder and executive editor. With over 15 years of blogging experience in the tech industry, Kevin has transformed what was once a passion project into a full-blown tech news publication. Shoot him an email at kevin@knowtechie.com or find him on Mastodon or Post.

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