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How indoor mapping software is transforming the stadium experience

In this article we’ll discuss the ways in which indoor mapping software is transforming the stadium experience.

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Stadiums are excellent venues for fun and entertainment, but they can get really hectic. Fans travel to stadiums even from long distances to enjoy their favorite sporting event. Not all of them are going to have a top-notch experience, however, owing to the hectic nature of traditional stadiums. 

If a fan is not accustomed to the stadium, they’ll struggle to find their seat in time for kick off. However, watching the game is only part of the experience. Getting food, using amenities is all part of the stadium experience and it can be daunting for many people due to the sheer size of the sports complex. 

In this article we’ll discuss the ways in which indoor mapping software is transforming the stadium experience.

Improving Fan Experience

Stadiums are built to house thousands and thousands of people at any given time, so it’s not surprising that the crowds can prove to be stressful for many people. Fans can often have a hard time finding their own seat in time for kickoff, and this can contribute to stress. 

Indoor mapping software completely eliminates this worry as it allows fans to know the location of their seat before they even arrive at the stadium. Good indoor mapping software made by companies that know how to map a stadium will even include the important way points that can be accessed while the person is enroute to their seat. 

With this technology, a person can plan their entire stadium experience from the comfort of their home, giving them plenty of time to think about the activities they’ll do once they get there. 

Using the stadium’s website (assuming it has a wayfinding module), fans can get an overview of their route and see all the points of interest along the way to their seat such as merchandise stalls, food and drink vendors along with ticket check points. 

By giving fans the ability to plan their entire journey ahead of time, you remove a lot of the stress that’s typically involved in traditional, heavily crowded stadiums. 

This improvement in the stadium experience contributes directly to improvement in the fan experience. With this positive experience, fans will be much more inclined to invite others the next time they want to come to the stadium. 

Valuable Insights

Digital mapping can also provide valuable insights into the actual movement of people within the stadium. If the software vendors pair the mapping software with an indoor positioning module (for navigation), stadium owners can know about the precise movements of people within the stadium.

This helps stadiums optimize the placement of their merchandise stalls and food and drink/beverage vendors for maximum profitability. These insights can also highlight areas that receive an unusually high amount of traffic, or which areas remain sparse in that respect. This can help stadiums optimize foot traffic so that no one area of a stadium becomes overpopulated. 

This sort of data simply isn’t available for traditional stadiums, which have to rely on video streams and other information to make the same decisions. With precision data, these decisions can be made with much more effectiveness and confidence. 

Increase Food and Beverage Sales

Smartphones are a huge part of the stadium experience, as fans will be using them constantly to either take pictures or share their experience on social media live. 

With frequent smartphone use almost guaranteed, stadiums can push food, beverage, and even merchandise sales through their wayfinding apps. These are all things that fans usually purchase – the apps just make it more convenient. This strategy can lead to a boost in food, beverage, and merchandise sales for the stadium.

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