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How to get the most out of your ads

Be sure that you aren’t so heavily committed to ideas that aren’t working that you sacrifice opportunities to create beautiful ads that will resonate perfectly with your target audience.

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Any time you’re spending a substantial amount of money, you need to know that you’re getting what you paid for. If you’re tossing out cash hand over fist for your ads, you need to know that you’re making back more than you put in. After all, that’s the entire point. 

Ads aren’t generally a “set it and forget it” process. They need to be carefully designed, monitored, placed, and adjusted to achieve maximum impact (and, therefore, maximum return on investment). Careful planning and a vigilant eye, especially when combined with the right affiliate marketing software, can help you achieve the results you want. 

Thoroughly Research Your Audience 

You can’t reach the people you need to reach if you don’t know who they are. Most businesses have a solid idea of who they’d like to be their main demographic. That might not ultimately be the case. People find new ways to use products and services that may be different from the way you intended, but their money is just as valuable. 

Focus mostly on who is actually purchasing your product, rather than who you would like to purchase your product. If you don’t have that data readily available, use an ad tracker (like Voluum) to observe your conversions. Focus on what the conversions have in common, and maximize your efforts in that direction.

Use and Track Native Ads

Affiliate tracking software makes it easy to see who is converting and from where. Use something like Voluum DSP to start native ad campaigns and watch them very carefully. Native ads aren’t like regular ads. They’re content. People learn something from a native ad in a way they wouldn’t learn from a normal advertisement. They’re engaging, they’re captivating, and they give you a chance to clearly explain the benefits of your products or services.

You can use affiliate software to track the overall performance of your native ads across all platforms. You can see how many people have engaged with your ads, and target them to websites where people who are most likely to purchase your products or services already visit. Excellent affiliate tracking software will give you all the information you need to tailor your campaign in real-time. This is vastly superior to a shot in the dark – you’ll be able to tailor your approach to reach your customers where they’re already sitting. 

Adjust and Optimize As You Go 

Some ads may perform better than others. Some ads may only work well in some places. It’s completely normal to experience somewhat inconsistent results. Every audience is different. This isn’t a problem so much as it is a puzzle. Look at what’s working and where. 

If a particular ad isn’t doing well in a particular place, just get rid of it. If a certain ad is doing great on a site where you’ve paid to place it, invest more money in that direction. There is software like that can help you see how well your ads are performing in real-time. This allows you to tweak your ads in time, and always achieve optimal results. An ad might be more successful if you change the image accompanying it or the headline that follows. It’s as simple as sticking to what works. 

Run A/B Testing When Necessary

A/B testing takes some time, but the results cannot be beaten. Simply put, A/B testing is when you run ads with different combinations of pictures, headlines, and accompanying text. You evaluate their performance to see which variation runs better, and you can make changes as you go. 

If an ad demonstrates underwhelming performance, change something about it. See what happens. If it stays the same, revert your old change and make a new change. This will help you establish whether it’s the photo or the text that’s dissuading people from clicking.

You might spend a little more at first, but you’ll spend progressively less over time. It pays for itself when you consider the fact that you’re finding the winning formula. 


Getting the most out of your ads takes a little work and a lot of observation. Be sure that you aren’t so heavily committed to ideas that aren’t working that you sacrifice opportunities to create beautiful ads that will resonate perfectly with your target audience. 

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