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How to keep your customers updated with your latest tech trends and products

Keep your target audience updated with the latest tech trends and products through a press release, augmented reality, and AI marketing.

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If your business involves selling tech devices, you’ve got to think of effective strategies to keep your customers updated with the latest tech trends and your products. You may have already implemented various offline and online marketing strategies and gained fruitful rewards. But are there any other ways to do it?

In this post, you’ll learn ways how you can keep your target audience updated with your latest tech products and tech trends.

Press Release For Your Tech Products

A press release is not a new marketing strategy. This involves tying up with journalists, reporters, and other media outlets to inform the public or make an announcement. Tech companies can benefit from press releases because they reach more people in their local areas and globally.

The benefits of press releases include instant exposure, increased sales potential, and new media opportunities. You can write your press release content that appeals to media people or hire professional services. Check out this guide for choosing a newswire to kickstart your press release efforts for your tech business.

Here are some expert tips when writing press releases:

  • Think Like A Reporter Or Journalist: It’s important to pitch a story that will capture the attention of journalists you’re eyeing. Make valuable information easy to find. Tell your audience upfront about the main purpose of your press release.
  • Keep It Short And Sweet: Don’t waste everybody’s time with fluff and never overdo it.
  • Make Sure That Your Story Has Value: Make sure that the viewership or readership of the media outlet aligns with your audience, and their coverage area aligns with your products and services.
  • Include Useful Quotes: By including quotes, writers can use them to create their own story, which means less work for writers and reporters. It increases your likelihood of being covered in their publication.

AI Marketing For Tech Companies

Unlike the old times, artificial intelligence or AI is not a science fiction feature anymore. While AI is now used for analytics or metric tracking purposes, it can also be used to promote your tech products and services.

One of the most sought-after AI marketing strategies is the use of voice assistants, like Siri and Alexa. By creating voice-based content types, you’ll be able to take advantage of AI marketing to let more people know that your business exists. Make your content aligned for voice search capabilities. Never underestimate the power of artificial intelligence to help boost your tech business.

Here are some examples of AI content type for your tech business:

  • Question And Answer Or Q&A Content: Answer common tech questions that customers ask and grab the attention of your target audience, most especially less tech-savvy users, like seniors and people with disabilities.
  • FAQ: Similar to Q&A, a question and answer trivia type of approach makes your content suitable for voice-based search, so your tech brand is made more visible or exposed to more customers.

Trending: AI can help you write content, which uses a software process that automatically creates a written narrative from natural language generation or NLG. It is already used for different content generation needs, including business intelligence dashboards, personalized email, business data reports, app messaging communication, and financial portfolio updates.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an emerging trend in tech sales and marketing strategies. It gives customers unique experiences by tapping into their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Drive your sales and enhance your brand value through AR marketing. Using AR, you can upgrade the customer experience, leading to increased sales and business opportunities.

Here are the benefits of AR to tech retailers:

  • Enable Testing Of Tech Products: You can use augmented reality to allow people to try your products before buying them. From testing a smartphone’s feature to testing the camera effects of a new tablet or phone, you can craft your desired AR experiences, making shopping at home or in-store a lot easier.
  • Digital Component Of Physical Locations: You can include a digital component, on top of your physical locations, which is tailor-fit to your target audience.
  • Upgraded Tech Marketing: Use augmented reality to take your tech branding materials, such as brochures and business cards, to the next level, enabling users to easily scan printed materials with smartphones and other mobile devices. By doing so, they can access different features to give them more information about your latest tech trends and products, as well as ways to get in touch with your brand.


Keep your target audience updated with the latest tech trends and products through a press release, augmented reality, and AI marketing. Boost your offline and online media presence by writing interesting stories about your company. Use AI marketing strategies to attract more potential buyers and also analyze your performance metrics.

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