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How to make the most of your online presence during a pandemic- advice for business owners

In this guide, we’ll look into ways to make the most of your online presence during a pandemic. 

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Internet usage hit an all-time high during lockdown. In the UK, adults spent an average of four hours a day online in April. For business owners, the Covid-19 crisis has wreaked havoc, but there are ways to survive and thrive.

For many, the web provided a lifeline, enabling businesses to connect with customers and drive sales while physical stores, salons, hotels, and restaurants were closed. In this guide, we’ll look into ways to make the most of your online presence during a pandemic.

Selling products online

Many businesses already sold products online long before the pandemic hit, but for others, the arrival of the virus contributed to a rapid, unexpected shutdown of shops and stores, leaving them without any means to continue selling. The Internet is a fabulous resource for businesses of all kinds because it provides an attractive alternative to shopping at physical stores.

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With online shopping, customers can find products and complete an order without leaving home, the process is quick and easy, there are no traffic jams to worry about, and you can often take advantage of speedy delivery options. During a pandemic, when movement is restricted and people have concerns about the safety of going out, online shopping is an even more appealing proposition.

If you don’t already sell online, it’s wise to consider expanding your buying options, especially as there is a risk that further lockdowns could be introduced in the future. If your website is basic, the pages take an age to load, or there’s a lack of informative or engaging content, spruce up the aesthetics and enhance functionality and customer experience. You can add features like video guides and virtual tours, live chat, and personalized recommendations and encourage sales through social media posts and blogs.

Promoting products and services through digital marketing

The Internet is not just a selling platform. It also provides opportunities to promote your brand and market products and services. With cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, you can reach thousands, even millions of people in a matter of seconds, you can connect with customers all over the world and you can tailor strategies and choose methods based on your ideal buyer.

Using emails, social media, and SEO, you can tell people all about your business, showcase your products, drive traffic to your website, and create new leads. You can also utilize social media and your website to sell products directly. If you post about a new product, for example, you can use a QR code generator or an interactive buying feature to enable the customer to place an order, read reviews or find out more about the item. It’s also possible to use QR codes to run promotions and enable mobile users to bring up contactless menus or price lists if they do decide to venture out.

Giving your brand a human side

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At the moment, businesses are restricted in terms of engaging in face-to-face contact with clients. The Internet provides a means of engaging with customers and showing off the human side of your brand. You can use blog posts, video interviews, live streaming, stories, and social media updates to keep in touch with clients and allow them to really get to know your team and the ethos of your business.

Statistics show that most people are spending more time online than ever before. As a business owner, you can take advantage of increased traffic to generate sales, promote and sell products and services, provide a seamless, safe experience for your clients and showcase your brand’s human side.

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