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How to trade online with your smartphone

Online trading is not limited to desktop access. All operations may be managed on the go. Discover powerful trading packed with valuable features. 

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In recent years, South Africa has seen the growth of online trading. Local residents learn to buy and sell currencies, stocks, and other instruments via cutting-edge platforms. This is a profitable activity for those who can learn and pursue consistent strategies. Now, the global exchange is not only a click away — it is literally at your fingertips.

Modern trading tools include powerful apps that work on smartphones and tablets. These portable versions provide the same scope of opportunities. Their convenience is undeniable. While desktop access restricts movement, your phone is always in your pocket.

Wherever you are, market analytics and trading options are instantly accessible. Here is an overview of popular products. These are used for forex and other trading directions.

Types of Apps

Some apps are mobile adaptations of desktop trading terminals. For instance, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 both have their compact versions. These work on Android and iOS, like most competing products.

On the other hand, there are signature apps developed especially for brokerage brands. A notable example is FXTM Trader, which is used by clients of FXTM. So, what can such software do?

Scope of Functionality

Top apps are impressively powerful. They include numerous helpful features that make trading easier. As trader’s success relied on a constant flow of relevant information, smartphone apps are indispensable. They open access to:

  • hundreds of tradable instruments (currencies, stocks, spot metals, CFDs, binary options, etc.),
  • all popular indicators,
  • advanced charting tools,
  • effortless tracking of positions,
  • 1-click trading for speedy buying and selling.

Some of these apps are particularly popular in South Africa. Users of FXTM MT5, the portable duplicate of MetaTrader 5, may not only analyse the market but also manage their accounts. All processes are intuitive and hassle-free. FXTM Trader is another comprehensive solution that is used on its own — no extra downloads are necessary. Users log in to their accounts and start trading once the app is installed!

Another crucial benefit is cross-platform functionality. This means that clients may combine desktop and portable devices, as data is instantly shared. It is possible to open a position from your laptop and close it later via tablet or phone. This way, traders are not tied to their PCs.

Users may easily manage their financial flows through the app. Deposit and withdrawal features are easy to use. In addition to flexible access and smooth financial procedures, it delivers live currency rates. Users can make effective decisions based on available information, and manage trades via a handy dashboard. This reflects all key parameters for a trade: balance, leverage, profit etc.

How to Get Started

Ask your broker about suggested software, and go ahead! Trading apps are native, which means they are devised for different mobile OS. These products are easy to find and install. Just head to Google Play Market or App store, and look for the necessary title. After that, sign in, and begin trading!

Clients who do not have an account (live or demo) need to go through registration. The latter is limited to just a few steps. Login and password are generated and received almost immediately. Next, they are entered in the app — and voila!

Most Desirable Features

Trading apps are not created equal. Top picks deliver maximized convenience, and their interfaces are intuitive. These are flexible all-in-one products. Look for apps that give more than market data. They must upgrade your trading experience overall. This means you can:

  • open and close positions quickly,
  • have instant access to live rates,
  • manage your account, and
  • keep abreast of market changes.

Different Financial Instruments

Trading celebrities do not limit their activity to currencies. While these constitute a good starting point, users can explore more opportunities as their competence grows. Experienced clients build diversified portfolios with different classes of tools. Mobile apps support expansion, as they have features for management of:

  • spot metals;
  • stocks;
  • CFDs on shares;
  • CFDs on commodities;
  • CFDs on market indices;
  • CFDs on cryptocurrencies.

When Profit Is a Tap Away

Thanks to state-of-the-art apps, users access global markets on the go and manage their accounts with ease. This is a logical step in the evolution of trading aids. Now, consumers are used to shopping, dating, work, and even education via portable devices. With trading apps, they can analyze market trends and reap profits while on the go.

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