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If you have an idea, take action as soon as possible: Net Kohen’s formula for achieving the best results

What Net tries to convey is that with constant work and always passing the ideas to the action, you can reach the objectives.

net kohen

Action-oriented people are usually the ones who always reap the best results. Of course, they also make mistakes. But, there’s a big difference because the only way to fail is to try. When you have an idea in your head, work hard, and make it happen, you will surely be rewarded. That’s the thinking of the young entrepreneur: Net Kohen.

From a very young age, Net was sure that he wanted to succeed in what he loves most, technology. Every idea that came to his mind, he would make a reality. Sometimes he would fail, but that’s what he learned from until he succeeded. So, at 13, he created a Minecraft server that generated him his first thousands of dollars.

Despite his youth, he has always been very focused and goal-oriented. Today, looking back, Kohen is proud of what he has achieved. Thanks to always putting his ideas into action, he now reaps excellent results as an entrepreneur. 

Today, at the age of 20, he has a well-known company called NXTGEN, which generates profits in 7 figures. When he started his first idea just seven years ago, he knew he was not going to stop. On his journey, he has had great challenges, but he overcomes them as usual and moves on to action. Whether he has to improve his product or learn new skills, he is willing to keep moving and reach his goal.

Creating Million-Dollar Ideas

We all can generate ideas, and while some may be very good, only a few have the courage to carry them out. This fear of failure paralyzes people, and that’s why they don’t end up taking the final step to success.

Net comments that “during his life, he has never been afraid of failing.” He always wants to see his ideas put into practice. For this reason, he has spent the last years in constant learning, which has allowed him to generate continuously better ideas.

His first great spark of genius led him to be recognized in his city. At only 16 years old, while still in school, he came up with the idea of making an app dedicated to nightlife. When his idea saw the light, it had a great reception, and thanks to that, he began to be contacted by companies and celebrities to develop their applications.

This was the beginning of the great success of his company NXTGEN, which for reasons of age, had to be legally registered at 18, even though he had been working on it since he was 16. 

From then on, his company has not stopped growing, and that is because he has created a great team. He is dedicated to continuing to create links to expand the company.

Once again, by bringing his ideas to reality, he has managed to diversify his services and improve day after day.

His Business Vision

In the field of running a business, Kohen proves that youth is no problem. Following the philosophy that has given him good results, he undertakes changes in his company to achieve expansion, and offer a diversity of products and quality services.

With his business vision, he understood that he could grow NXTGEN and take it further. It went from being a company dedicated to the creation of mobile apps, to a company with marketing and public relations management services.

The idea of being able to offer the kind of services related to personal image and business arises from its relationship with the celebrity environment. He could see that there was a field in which they could perfectly succeed. By designing apps for them, you can also take their marketing and public image campaigns to another level.

What Net tries to convey is that with constant work and always passing the ideas to the action, you can reach the objectives. Don’t be held back by doubts, if you fail once, you get up and try again. This is how he has built his successful career in the digital business world. 

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