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Instagram: The Most Powerful Tool for Small Business

Instagram is a mighty power, that made small businesses strong enough to compete with big corporations in the same field.

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In recent years Instagram helped to make a revolution in the relationship between businesses and customers. This social platform has become a fresh breath for brands marketing strategies. No wonder that brands love it – the promotion is cheaper, while the results are fruitful. Also, social media has changed the rules of the game. Small businesses can compete with big corporations now. For example, both of them can afford to buy ig views on sites like This action can increase the reach to potential customers multiple times, given that the purchase was made at the right time, for the right post, and in proper amounts.

In this article, we would like to share how Instagram can be helpful to small businesses and what are the most effective methods of using it.

The matter Of Profile Looks

If you want to convert your profile to a business page, you will have to update your profile picture, description, and some other options that we will describe lower in the text. First of all, change your account type to business. This can be done in settings. Changing the type of your profile opens a precious analyzing tool, that will help you to gather and interpret the information about your promotion.

Then, get back to your page and start upgrading your profile. First of all, choose a profile picture that will be easy to understand. Prefer logo, or your product photo, as it will make your account more discoverable. In your profile information, you need to describe your brand and leave important links, for example, to your website.

Don’t forget to add contacts. This feature allows your potential customers to get in touch with you without leaving the platform. You can add e-mail, or phone to this field, and it will redirect users straight to this action.

Setting Goals And Planning

This point is important and it has to be one of your primary concerns. Ask yourself, what is the prominent purpose for your Instagram account:

  • Attracting more customers
  • Increasing awareness of your brand
  • Social listening and customer support, etc.

When you have an understanding of your main goal on this platform, you can start building up the relevant plan to achieve it. Also, the clear course will give you the opportunity to filter your content ideas and choose the most effective ones.

So here comes the scheduling. To increase your reach, you must plan your posting at least a few weeks ahead. You can use planner apps or make the schedule by yourself, but you must be aware of what is coming up next. Having a few spare content ideas is also a good thought, as sometimes plans can be changed and it will be better to have something in your pocket.

Creating Visual Style Of Your Profile

The way your account appears to the visitor is a key to make him or her stay and become your follower, and later, a client. So, let’s talk about how to make your page look appealing to the viewer.

And the primary point of concern is the color scheme of your content. To create a more professional and beautiful look, you need to come up with a unified style. Here are some tips to consider when you are developing your visual image:

  • Pay attention to the filters that you apply. Choose two or three filters, which are not diametrically opposed to each other.
  • Develop a color scheme for your backgrounds, based on the type of products you deliver to the audience.
  • Decide what is the general spectrum of your profile. It can be cold or warm, and depends on the choice of main colors on your scheme.
  •  Increase the recognition of your business through the logo, mascot, and fonts.
  • Make specific icons for your Highlights. These little symbols are working for you, as they are helping to define a brand

Note: it is better to buy icons and logos made by specialists unless you have proper skills in graphic design.

What About The Content

Well, now let’s discuss the matters of content on Instagram. As it was mentioned before in this article, this is a visual platform. So you have to concentrate on photos and videos. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make would be to make the Instagram page look like an online catalog. This platform is a perfect setting for showing the idea and aesthetics of your brand. So to earn the attention of users on Instagram you must reveal not only your products but your brand values and opinion as well. Social media are destroying the gap between customers and businesses, as they have special magic – giving a human face to a brand. That is what people like – they feel closer to you and thus become loyal to you. Here is some advice for making the most of your blog:

  • Demonstrate your products in use
  • Collaborate with influencers who have a similar target audience
  • Share user-generated content, especially reviews about what you produce
  • Add personality to your blog
  • Make posts of different genres, e.g. working process insights, interviews with employees, reactions to the world affairs around you
  • Support social and ecological movements, etc.

Begin Communicating

Just like any other social media, you have to talk to people if you want your blog to work for your favor. So it is vital to engage and speak to your audience.

Firstly, don’t be a robot that is replying automatically to everyone. It would be much better for your growth if you will put some effort into writing hearty responses and pay some attention to every user. More personalized conversations with potential customers can seriously improve your chances to get a profit.

Secondly, talk to your audience. Ask questions and start discussions. Remember that your goal is to receive feedback and get to know what your followers want to see.

Thirdly, do not promote your brand every second. Let your profile become a place where people can have a conversation not only about the product but about some non-related themes as well. This will add personalization to your account and also will serve for planning your further course.


Instagram is a mighty power, that made small businesses strong enough to compete with big corporations in the same field. Promotion on this platform is not too expensive, and has a room for experiments. The best way to find the most relevant strategy is to try all that you consider, and whether to choose one of them or even mix them into something new and specific to your niche.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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