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It’s all about conversions: Reeve Yew on building effective sales funnels

After several years of developing websites and funnel strategies for himself and his clients, Reeve co-founded Funnel Duo Media with his brother.

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Image: Reeve Yu

Regardless of the kind of business you’re running, you should understand the importance of generating new customers and increasing conversions. There’s no use to showcasing your products or services in front of a massive audience if none of them ever converts.

An effective sales funnel forms an essential part of the sales process, but it’s not something you can learn overnight. Reeve Yew knows this all too well. Since getting acquainted with online marketing during his early teens, Reeve has never stopped learning how to build sales funnels that work.

Why Does a Sales Funnel Matter?

Reeve was only 15 years old when he first attempted to build a sales funnel. Reeve gave dropshipping a try, building a website and reselling products made in China. Just like any beginner to creating sales funnels, Reeve found himself scratching his head at one point or another. But he wanted to be a student of the game, and thus he poured in hours of hard work to figure out how exactly sales funnels work. However, it was only after launching the websites that he fully understood what funnels are and how they impact the bottom line of any business.

According to Reeve, a funnel guides a business’ sales and marketing efforts. It allows a company to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, formulate a concrete marketing plan based on their needs and behaviors, and then offer irresistible deals to make them convert. A funnel must be viewed from a marketing perspective rather than a physical website designed using funnel builders. In fact, brick and mortar businesses have a lot to gain by implementing funnels into their overall marketing strategy.

To this day, Reeve looks back at this project and feels thankful for everything he learned from it. He realized that in order to make money online, it wasn’t enough to build a website and fill it with quality content. What he needed was a way to generate targeted-traffic, ones that would likely convert into actual customers.

Formulating an Actionable Plan

From there, it was all a matter of trial and error for Reeve. He defined the stages of his sales funnel based on the products he sold. This process helped him determine what works best for his website and weed out unnecessary stages that brought little to no results.

He also started to track his weekly sales metrics. A consistent monitoring system was put in place to identify whether his sales funnel was working as intended. This also made it easier to collect the latest information about his website such as new sales opportunities and even missed sales. He was relentless in finding missed opportunities, evaluating what caused them, and looking for solutions to prevent similar events from happening in the future.

With a clear, step-by-step plan, Reeve was able to understand everything going on behind each sale. This proved to be an invaluable lesson, one that he continues to use to this day as he works with international brands and corporations.

After several years of developing websites and funnel strategies for himself and his clients, Reeve co-founded Funnel Duo Media with his brother. The company focuses on customizing sales funnels and strategies, helping their clients strengthen their business using tried and tested methods and understanding their target audience.

Reeve takes pride in taking an over-the-shoulder approach when working with clients, ensuring that he oversees each project according to the same principles he used that brought him to where he’s at today.

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