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Leyes Media CEO Kevin Leyes on conquering digital industries during COVID-19

Leyes Media is recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies today.

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Innovation, focus, and opportunity, these are the fundamental aspects that have been an essential part of the functioning of Leyes Media in the midst of the critical context following the COVID-19. The company, led by its 20-year-old founder Kevin Leyes, has had a clear path from the beginning, and staying on track even today represents not only a priority but also a goal.

Leyes Media is recognized as one of the most prominent and fastest-growing digital marketing agencies today, currently on the road to becoming a multi-million dollar bootstrapped company. Since its creation in 2019, this company has been characterized by constant growth determined by the quality of its work and the optimal results it has given to its wide list of clients.

Starting out as a company focused on driving digital growth and boost for influencers, entrepreneurs, and artists, the company obtained a huge international recognition for its work, a fact that led them to expand their services this year.

In addition to Social Media Marketing and Public Relations, Leyes Media started focusing on Talent Management and Development, offering long term business contracts and relationships, and as usual, offering its long list of clients the possibility of boosting their social media audiences, in addition to getting them featured on renowned media outlets and magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and many others.

Combining the fact of having a powerful influence in the industry, strong business relationships, together with managing relevant public figures and entrepreneurs with brilliant stories and journeys behind and performing the correct steps by executing smart plans and building strong cases, this all has made possible for them to help their clients to get exposure and coverage in relevant media outlets worldwide, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Influencive, Los Angeles Tribune, Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance, and also, to establish solid partnerships and deals with well-known brands and companies.

However, the growth path of Leyes Media has been invaded by several events that have tested its ability to handle and manage problems. One of the most recent has been the spread of COVID-19, since this pandemic threatened business stability worldwide. In this case, keeping up with operations was a total priority for them.

Generating responses and solutions

Within the priority and urgency, the capacity to generate appropriate answers and solutions to the current context, is what will define to a great extent the future of the company. In the case of Leyes Media this has not been the exception, the ability of its leader and CEO Kevin Leyes, together with the entire team, to respond to the current context, has allowed the company to remain in optimal operation.

Fortunately, Leyes Media has been able to make positive progress in the midst of the pandemic. Not only by meeting expectations and commitments to its clients, but also with the opportunity to expand its services, hiring dozens of new employees and expanding its business on a large and international scale.

Thinking about the clients

Another aspect that has made a difference for the operation of Leyes Media during the course of the pandemic, is to have as a priority the client and what from its functionality can offer the company. This element has been indispensable, since focusing on how to maintain and improve services to continue providing the customer with the safety and quality they need in their process has allowed them to maintain recognition at the professional level.

This agency currently stands out not only for the variety and versatility of its services but also for the commitment and responsibility it offers to each of the clients it manages within the digital environment.

In the current context, the commitment to work and the responsibility to assume challenges in the midst of the pandemic is what distinguishes a company, especially in the digital environment. This, among other reasons, is why Leyes Media has managed to establish a reputation and recognition.

Learn and grow

Many opportunities and skills are formed when we are able to respond to challenges with agility and learn from them. In this case, for Leyes Media, as a company, the whole experience of the pandemic has not been left in the dark.

From finding alternative ways to work, to reinventing the way we work to create more value, and even evaluating options for what can be maintained and what can be improved, each of these steps has represented a process.

However, the determination to keep working hard even in the midst of difficulties has led to taking actions with leadership, determination and focused on learning from experience to grow even more which has given positive results to the company, reflected in its current operation.

Leyes Media currently stands out as an agency and a management company specialized and with a great trajectory in its area. Having the ability to increase its numbers in the context of the pandemic, has given greater value to the quality of work and the management of its capabilities to provide excellent service to its clients.           

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