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Meet Les Baugh, the world’s first bionic man

Les Baugh is testing a robotic prosthetic that he can control with his mind and it’s truly remarkable.

[intro]The Bionic Man: First Person With Two Mind-Controlled Robotic Prosthetic Arms![/intro]

Allow me to introduce you to Les Baugh, he’s the world’s first person to have prosthetic arms controlled by a human mind.

Thanks to a team of engineers over at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, they were able to develop a next-generation robotic arm that has 26 joints, curls weights up to 45 pounds, and controlled by the human brain just like any regular arm.

When discussing the projects future, Robert Armiger, project manager for amputee research at the Johns Hopkin Lab told the New York Times:

“The long-term goal for all of this work is to have noninvasive — no extra surgeries, no extra implants — ways to control a dexterous robotic device.”

Check out the video above to learn more about Les Baugh and mind-controlled prosthetic arms.

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