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Music Player for Reddit creates playlists from 280+ subreddits

This open-source music platform solves the poor user experience when listening to your favorite songs on Reddit. – Music Player for Reddit

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Reddit is a great source for curated user-selected songs organised under dedicated music genre subreddits. Reddit as a content aggregator is not the most intuitive way of listening to music, however. For that reason, Ilias Ismanalijev, a designer and front-end developer from Belgium, has created Music Player for Reddit, based on the open-source web app Music Player.

Music Player for Reddit turns music subreddits, which are typically linked to certain music genres and sub-genres, into very visual playlists.

Ismanalijev says on his personal website:

“It’s my own personal take at what a music player should be.”

As personal as it is, Music Player for Reddit makes a lot of sense. It quite simply displays three user-friendly columns—the first one shows the list of more than 280 subreddits, divided into genres and sub-genres; the second one is the playlist of the chosen subreddit; and the last one is the embedded music player that the Reddit poster selected when submitting the song. What I find particularly useful is that it allows you to add custom subreddits.

Music Player for Reddit is acquiring some momentum and was recently featured in Product Hunt. Mobile support is still very weak, but it could soon enough pose a serious threat to other more popular music web apps, such as Hype Machine.

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