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Print your Instagram photos with Repostage using just a hashtag

Need to get an Instagram photo printed? Repostage lets you print your Instagram photos using just a hashtag.

How many times have you wanted to get an Instagram photo printed? I mean, there’s got to be one sunset photo out there out of the million available that really caught your eye, right?

A new service called Repostage is looking to solve your printing needs by allowing you to order postcard-style prints of your Instagram photos by inserting the hashtag #Repostage into the caption. You’ll just need to sign up on Repostage’s website first. After signing up, all you have to do is connect your Instagram account and fill out all the necessary credit card information. After that, you’re all set to go.

Each photo that is printed will cost you $1.49. Shipping is free in the US ($0.99 anywhere else).

Repostage - Print Instagram Photos

In order to utilize Repostage’s printing service, your account will have to be publicly viewable. Another drawback is that you’re unable to track the shipment of your photos. But let’s be real, for $1.49 and free shipping, I certainly wouldn’t consider that a deal breaker.

Repostage isn’t the only Instragram printing service on the block. Do a simple Google search and you’ll find that there is countless other players on the field. Although the market is saturated, Repostage is the only company taking a completely different approach by utilizing hashtags into their service. For $1.49 what do you have to lose?

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