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Review: SlideUpLift – professional PowerPoint templates

SlideUpLift is certainly one of the biggest providers of presentation templates on the internet

Image: SlideUpLift

Our need to make engaging and powerful presentations quickly led us to SlideUpLift, one of the biggest online libraries of PowerPoint templates.  This article is a comprehensive review of SlideUpLift’s services.

SlideUpLift is an online library of presentation templates and visual assets especially designed to help you make powerful presentations quickly and effectively. SlideUpLift users need not worry about their design skills. SlideUpLift’s goal is to help its users focus more on the content of their presentations and not worry about the design and aesthetics.

Users download the desired template or whole presentation decks from the library and edit them to suit their presentation content allowing them to save time and make a great impression.  

With an ever-growing collection of 30,000+ presentation templates, users are provided with highly diversified templates touching all industries and functions like – project management, marketing, HR, and many more. Many fortune 500 companies have signed up for their PowerPoint library to help them with their PowerPoint presentation needs. 

Why SlideUpLift?

  • We love that SlideUpLift doesn’t bind you in any membership plans if you don’t want to. If you like any one-off template and want to only purchase that, they have an Add-to-cart Feature where users can buy individual templates and are not bound to subscribe to membership plans. 
  • Diverse and Quality Presentation Templates at Affordable Rates – With templates priced as low as $2.99, users will be able to download professional templates at reasonable prices. If users wish to subscribe to a membership plan, they can choose from 5 different pricing plans starting at just $9.99. Click here to see pricing plans.
  • Pan-industry templates – A highly diverse and varied collection of pan-industry templates to suit your presentation needs.
  • Free PowerPoint Template Collection – SlideUpLift also hosts an extensive collection of free PowerPoint templates that users can download for free.
  • Vision Science & Storytelling – SlideUpLift’s presentation templates are powered by the principles of vision science and storytelling and are designed by graphic design professionals who know how to use shapes, colors, fonts, etc. to create the best-looking templates. 
  • Visual Assets – Besides PowerPoint templates, SlideUpLift hosts a beautiful collection of visual assets like icons, silhouettes, and isometrics.
  • PowerPoint Add-in – Available with every single membership plan, the SlideUpLift add-in is designed to be seamlessly integrated with PowerPoint such that users can browse and download their favorite templates directly from PowerPoint. The add-in works as an excellent PowerPoint productivity tool.
  • SlideUpLift Blog – A brilliant collection of presentation tips and hacks that will help you make powerful presentations.
  • YouTube channel – A great collection of short and informative videos on using PowerPoint effectively, hacks for building great business presentations, creative infographics, and the most effective ways of presenting. 
  • Customer Service – SlideUpLift has a dedicated and professional team of customer service associates working round the clock to help users with their needs. 

A Vast Collection of Ready-To-Use Business Presentation Templates

Executive Summary Templates:

Our team found more than 100+ executive summary templates while researching for this review. The templates are minimal, professional, and will be a great help in presenting your business reports and projects. Click here to check out their Executive Summary Template collection.

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SWOT Analysis Templates: 

SlideUpLift’s SWOT Analysis templates will help you showcase your business endeavor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. They are extremely helpful in getting a better understanding of your business environment and making strategic decisions.

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Roadmap PowerPoint Templates: (roadmap category)

Roadmap PowerPoint templates are wonderful at helping your audience visualize your organization’s goals and objectives and they can be a great addition to your presentation-building arsenal. SlideUpLift hosts a highly curated collection of roadmap PowerPoint templates that you can check out.  

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Case Study Templates: 

SlideUpLift also has a wide-ranging collection of case study templates that will help you present your client relationships, business/marketing success stories, and much more.

Their business case study templates are professional and will help you present your ideas clearly and neatly. Check out a few of their case study templates here. 

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30 60 90 Day Plan Templates: 

This category proved to be immensely useful to our team, as it helped us showcase our monthly and quarterly plans to our clients and senior management. These templates are also great at mapping out goals and priorities in an easily understandable format. Click here to check out their 30 60 90 Day Plan templates

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PowerPoint Themes: (category)

SlideUpLift offers an extensive collection of ready to use PowerPoint Themes like Project Kickoff, Business Review, Project Planning, and many more that will enable you to build an effective presentation in a short period. These PowerPoint decks will help you build presentations that are focused on a particular theme, thus giving your presentation a uniform and consistent look. 

Click here to download this Project Kickoff Template.


SlideUpLift is certainly one of the biggest providers of presentation templates on the internet and if you are someone who needs to make powerful presentations without losing out on your valuable time, then you should definitely give SlideUpLift a chance. 

With their highly diversified template collection and efficient PowerPoint add-in, you will be able to churn out quality presentations that will help you make a long-lasting impression. 

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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