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Simplify marketing reporting tasks with these tools

In this post we’ll take a look below at some of the best marketing tools that will make your life a lot easier.

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When you’re working in the business and digital worlds, you will need proper reports that show analytical data that can help you become better. This can be done by using different tools, which will make reporting tasks much easier to manage, read, and study. Take a look below at some of these tools that can make your life a lot easier.


This is a great and useful tool for small businesses. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your social media strategies and save time. Think of it as a scheduling tool that sends out reminders, and it can pre-program the times for your updates so they can get posted. This tool automates the process for you, so you can upload new content or update existing content with just a few clicks. You can use it for Twitter or Facebook to remind you of anything you posted or should be posting, so you won’t miss any opportunity to reach your customers.


This is an exceptional reporting tool that automates everything for your social media plans, digital marketing reporting, and organic searches. The developers behind created templates that are ready-made for your usage. All multi-source reports are easily viewed, and they help simplify the processes for many different companies. So you can connect many different sources of data to one tool, making you focus and not get lost when you’re reviewing everything.

Google Alerts

If you want an easy method to monitor your reputation and progress, then this tool will serve the purpose and will help you stay relevant to people. It sends you notifications in an email every time someone mentions your company’s name or links your platform. You can set it up easily and choose to get notifications daily, weekly, or monthly. It’s a perfect way to check how good you are and see if you could improve to be much better.


This is one of the best tools for managing and monitoring your social media posts and activities. You can use it for personal profiles, business pages, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. Also, it has a very useful scheduling interface so you can reply to any mention accordingly and thank your audience for their comments or support. Using its informative analytical tab, you will be able to see which tweets or posts are getting clicks and attention, so you’d know which ones are popular amongst your fan base.


This is perfect for people who use their smartphones a lot. It allows them to carry out different processes and check different notifications when they’re on the move. The tool provides a great level of convenience because it can make things a lot easier if you aren’t in the office at any given time. It constantly learns from your history and behavior, and it gets smarter as you use its helpful report-processing features. You get to connect it with your social media accounts and pull in the content that is constantly shared by your customers.


If you have your own business and you write multiple blogs each day, then this tool will be extremely helpful when you want a well-defined approach to the posts you’re writing. It comes with standard templates that you can choose from. It makes things easier when you create different sections for your articles and you start brainstorming the perfect idea for them. Every component of your articles can be saved and stored, providing an easy and user-friendly way to access records of every article you’ve written.


If you use Twitter extensively, this tool can come in handy in so many ways. It can help you schedule various tweets for every post or article you write, and it can also filter and choose who you should follow back on the platform. And if managing the account is too much for one person, SocialOomph can assign multiple people that can help manage, monitor, and post different things all in one account. This saves a lot of time and simplifies things greatly for a lot of people and businesses.

Reports are extremely important because they can show you the progress related to what you’re doing and if any changes need to be made. This saves a lot of time and keeps you succeeding. When you learn about what’s slowing you down and what’s making you do better, this can lead to high levels of productivity because you’re working on improving and achieving goals much better and faster.

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