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Six Flags has a VR rollercoaster and it looks utterly bananas

As if rollercoasters weren’t vomit inducing enough, along comes Six Flags and their VR Rollercoaster.

Sig Flags VR Rollercoaster

As if rollercoasters weren’t vomit-inducing enough, along comes Six Flags and their VR Rollercoaster.

Virtual reality is, well, virtually everywhere. It’s invading video games, news, social media, and even school classrooms. But its latest venture is into the world of rollercoasters and Six Flags has the first one ever constructed in North America. Thankfully, YouTube channel Theme Park Review gives us an exclusive hands-on video on the experience and I must say….it looks insane.

So the rollercoaster isn’t just your run of the mill theme park attraction. It’s actually a game too. Essentially  your job as the rider is to fly around and zap aliens as you adventure through the rollercoaster’s twist and turns.

A button on the VR headset acts as your trigger and you heads movement dictate where you’re aiming. The graphics aren’t anything special, but given the fact that you’re swallowing your stomach due to traveling at speeds over 50 mph, I don’t think that’s really an important issue.

I’m on the fence about this. I’ve seen people hurl chunks wearing a VR headset, let alone riding a rollercoaster. Either way, don’t wear your Sunday’s best if you plan to ride this thing.

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