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Technologies casinos use to catch cheaters

5 of the most used technologies that casinos use to catch unwanted cheaters

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The Casino industry today brings billions of dollars per year. That is why casinos use a lot of different technologies to avoid cheating and losing their money. On the other hand, they won’t mind if we lose our money. Casinos also worry about their reputation and they tend to achieve a fair pay between players. We can’t talk about fair play if one side cheats.

If you liked Ocean’s eleven movies (or similar) you are probably wondering was it hard (or possible in real life) for George Clooney and Brad Pit to rob those Casinos. The answer is- very hard. Not just hard, it’s almost impossible.

That is mostly because casinos have several tactics to keep unwanted addicts, thieves or cheaters far away. Whether we are talking about real life casinos or virtual ones, just like those that you can find on here are some technologies that can prevent you from cheating. Some of them were first developed in casinos and later started their use in government and banking.


All of you have probably seen a lot of movies or TV Shows about casino life. There, you surely noticed a lot of cameras that cover every inch of the casino. It’s similar in real life. Nothing goes unnoticed under their eyes and skilled professionals behind monitors.

We are speaking here about high-quality cameras that catch even the smallest details and every corner of the casino. Cameras are placed even outside the casino. This way they collect important information based on the license plate and comparing it with known cheaters and addicts. This way a problematic player is denied entry and the problem is solved in the root.

Biometric Face Recognition and other Databases

First of all, as we said, there are cameras that record parking lot, and connecting it with a person. If that person has a history of cheating or making trouble in the casino, this database will remember it even if has passed twenty or thirty years! This will alert security in seconds.

If you were smart enough to come to the casino in a different car, so you “passed” this first wall of protection, there is one other database- Biometric Face Recognition. As soon as you step your foot inside a casino, the camera will take a picture of you, and you will be scanned through database. And not just that- You will be stored on a database also.

This way, the smart system will search for matches in the database and alert stuff if there is a problem. As you see, facial recognition is not just something that we can see in movies. This technology is used in real life casinos, but we need to have in mind that online casinos also need protection.

NORA (Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness)

No, this is not someone’s granny. This is, if you ask me, the most amazing technology that casinos can use against cheaters, addicts, thieves and other unwanted persons. NORA is software developed to search for the connections between people. NORA will alert security immediately if detects some matches or personal relationship between two people.

For example, if dealer at one table and a guy that winning big at same table once shared a phone number or made a phone call, NORA will make the alert. This technology was first used in casinos to find cheaters, but today is also used in some government agencies to identify potential criminals or terrorists.

RFID chips

Most of the modern casinos also use RFID technology. Their poker chips have small RFID microchip (similar as we use to locate our pet). This way casino can follow their chips, and see where are being used. If someone tries to exchange problematic chips for money, those chips will be turned off. This technology is also used to track our habits, for example, how much you spend or where.

Angel Eye (Tracking)

This technology is developed and mostly used in Asian countries. Thanks to the invisible ink, every card is marked with the individual barcode. This barcode is invisible and can be read by a sensor placed in the card dealing shoe. This way all cards are tracked. When dealer presses a button, system will check if someone switched cards on the table and tried to cheat.


Best results are achieved if casinos mix and combine all these technologies. This way a casino can collect a lot of information and protect itself.

I assume that average gambler doesn’t plan to rob a casino. In case you’re planning to recreate some famous robbery, please don’t.

This article can help you to be aware that you are filmed and your gambling habits are tracked. Don’t be surprised if you get emails that offer you exactly the game you enjoy the most.

Since technology is going to advance even more in future, good times come for casinos and bad for the cheaters.

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