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The benefits of an online SMS gateway for your business

An SMS Gateway allows you to take advantage of the most accessible, reliable, and effective digital marketing tool available today.

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With so many challenges today small businesses need to acquire every tool and strategy that can give them an advantage in the marketplace. One of the key areas where differences are often made is marketing and small companies need to be strategic and aggressive to beat out competitors. 

In terms of tools that can be difference-makers in marketing, one that no business should overlook is an SMS gateway. Everyone is familiar with SMS messaging and that it has been around since nearly the beginning of mobile phones. Well, the main reason it is still a primary marketing tool for small and large businesses is that it has one of the highest levels of effectiveness of any type of mobile marketing today. 

People open their SMS messages and if they are compelling and relevant enough, they respond in good percentages. In fact, they respond in higher percentages to SMS than they do to emails. 

An SMS Gateway like the ones provided by touchSMS gives a company complete control over their SMS messaging. Wireless network operators use SMS gateways to connect SMS centers (SMSCs) for messaging over different areas. An SMS gateway can also serve as an international gateway for users with roaming capability, allowing SMS communication away from the home network. A company utilizes an SMS gateway in a website that allows users to send SMS messages from the web to mobile phone users within the cell area served by the gateway. The gateway translates protocols and performs as a relay. 

Here are the reasons why a company should have its own SMS Gateway. 


Today mobile advertising represents more than 75% of all digital advertising money spent. Too often this money is spent on fancy-sounding marketing tools and strategies that offer spotty results. SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and has a 30% click-through rate as well. With your own SMS Gateway, you will save even more money. 

Highest Reliability

Because it has been around for more than 25 years SMS messaging has the most stable and reliable platform in digital marketing. There are no issues with undelivered messages and spam is not an issue. Knowing this you can be sure that your messages will arrive. And with the control element of your own SMS Gateway, you can monitor every aspect of your SMS campaigns. 

Fast Delivery

One key element in sending messages is delivering messages to your clients is speed. When you have an offer for them you want them to know about it and act on it immediately. If your offer has a time component that is very short, having SMS messages arrive late can be catastrophic to your business. Having your own SMS Gateway allows for the fastest possible SMS delivery speeds. You literally have a dedicated channel to your target market. 


SMS is a universal platform that is accessible to more than 95% of the people on the planet and unlike popular messaging apps, it is not blocked anywhere in the world.  

An SMS Gateway allows you to take advantage of the most accessible, reliable, and effective digital marketing tool available today. For these reasons, your company should consider purchasing an SMS Gateway. 

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