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The best Linkedin automation tool to generate leads in 2020

You have solid data on your target prospects, you have your marketing content ready to deploy, but then you ask, ‘how do you reach your target audience?’

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Several LinkedIn automation tools offer additional features to marketers. For instance, the LinkedIn for Small Business feature helps small business owners grow their business and increase conversion. Similarly, we have SignalHire that helps both recruiters and job seekers gain contact information about their prospects. We can go on and name hundreds of similar tools. However, you don’t need all of them, do you?

Why Should You Run Campaigns on LinkedIn?

Any guesses about what was the most expensive acquisition Microsoft ever made? Some of you might have already guessed it; it was LinkedIn. This historical acquisition went down back in 2013, and the price Microsoft had to pay was $26.2 billion.

LinkedIn solved the pressing issue globalization presented us with. It allowed companies and individuals to tap into the global pool of skilled workers using an online platform catering to professional connections. Moreover, it provides all information for recruiters that enable them to make a sound hiring decision.

As of 2020, Linked has an active user-base of 660+ million. Over the years, along with catering to individuals, it has developed many tools to help companies run successful campaigns. If you ask any experienced marketer, they will point at LinkedIn as the top medium for running B2B marketing campaigns.

As reported by Linked on their B2B marketing stats, 80% of all B2B leads are attributed to LinkedIn. If you want to form business alliances or make new associates, LinkedIn is the place you want to be. Furthermore, according to another executive report from Fortune 500 companies, when it comes to talent hunting using online platforms, LinkedIn is their first pick.

Top LinkedIn Automation Tools

#1 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

First, we have LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Developed by the team behind LinkedIn, this tool allows marketers to conduct people and company search using its advanced search option. It also unlocks the “Smart Links Presentations” feature, which enables users to share sales content gracefully.

#2 LinkedIn for Small Business

Next on our list, we have another tool from the makers of LinkedIn themselves — LinkedIn for Small Business. In many developing countries, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) comprise a major part of their GDP. If you have a small business, add this tool to your arsenal for both establishing and consolidating your brand presence and engaging your potential customers with content marketing.

#3 eLink Pro

How do you expand your network on LinkedIn? If you are serious about your professional network, expanding it must have crossed your mind. You might also have some tactics of your own, but there is one proven trick to get more people to connect with you. And that is by viewing their profile. eLink Pro makes this work easier for you by automatically visiting hundreds of LinkedIn profiles each day.

#4 Guru

How difficult is it to make an informed decision? Well, as members of the Knowledge Society, we must tap into all available data at our disposal before making a decision. This is where Guru comes in. This platform lets you see your prospective competitors, stakeholders who operate in your selected industry, and receive sales suggestions.

#5 SalesLoft Prospector

Have you ever used IFTTT? This tool lets you connect multiple distinct apps with simple conditional statements. Similar to IFTTT, SalesLoft Prospector lets one connect multiple sales tools for a more holistic approach to increasing sales. With this tool, you get integrations for Crystal, Sigstr, Owler, Datanyze, among others.

So there you go. You now know about five marketing automation tools that make your life easier. The list includes tools for small businesses to get better insights into your target market, connect all your sales tools, and so on. However, there is one important aspect of LinkedIn lead generation that neither of these five tools has solutions for. Which brings us to SignalHire.

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn?

You have solid data on your target prospects, you have your marketing content ready to deploy, but then you ask, ‘how do you reach your target audience?’

LinkedIn comes with a search feature of its own. You can search for other profiles, job openings, and contact information. But it limits how much you can see. This is where SignalHire comes in. This tool comes with a powerful search algorithm. It expands your search pool and curates a list of qualified and premium accounts.

Trusted by 400M+ people worldwide, SignalHire lets you curate valid email IDs, phone numbers, social media account links, Skype account ID, and every other publicly available contact information. Compared to other such solutions such as ContactOut and RocketReach, SignalHire has a hit rate of over 90%.

How can SignalHire curate information for recruiters?

Recruiters can rely on SignalHire to get background information about their potential candidates, such as their education and past employers. Candidates can use the strong Boolean search filters to pin down skilled workers at their preferred location. Moreover, recruiters can integrate their SignalHire account with ZOHO, HubSpot, SalesForce, and other popular marketing platforms.

How job seekers can conduct company search using SignalHire?

Instead of waiting for a job position to open, skilled workers should rather take an active role and reach out to their favorite companies. Most companies have their contact information publicly available. If you think about it, if you use that public email, your message might end up drowning in the zillion of emails your recipient gets every week.

A smart worker will instead narrow down their search, finding the department they dream of working in. This way, employees can figure out projects that inspire them. And only then, they send a message. The fact that you have enough knowledge about the company and what they do increases your chances of getting hired.

Having said that, who should inform you about your intention of working for them? This is where you can benefit from SignalHire. Using this tool, you can find contact information about key decision-makers of your favorite companies, executives who have a say in who to hire.

Final Words

SignalHire is a useful tool that helps recruiters find the right candidate, and gives job seekers a chance to reach out to their dream companies. If you haven’t used SignalHire before, rest assured, getting the hang of this automation tool requires only a few hours. With that being said, we wish you all the very best with your LinkedIn campaigns. Cheers!

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