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The impact of the pandemic on digital marketing agencies

The collective attention of the world is shifting to the online medium, which is why you see less and less advertising in the real world, and more focus on the digital kind.


Digital marketing is one of the most relevant areas of work in our overly digital world, made even more so by the current Covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic shutting down many brick-and-mortar businesses, online presence has become more and more relevant and necessary, in order for businesses to survive.

So in many ways, it can be said that the Covid-19 pandemic had a beneficial effect on digital marketing agencies, as it focused more customer attention online, and so got companies more interested in the digital sphere.

Digital Marketing and the Pandemic Edge

Covid-19 is thought to have jumped to humans from bats, and from there, from one human to the next, thus severely limiting our chances for live interaction. This made it harder for owners to promote their businesses, and to generate more leads, aka customers. That, coupled with the increased focus on the digital sphere from even before the pandemic, highlighted the necessity for a strong online presence, regardless of the business.

With most human beings spending the large majority of their time with at least one digital device, the opportunities for marketing in the digital world were that much greater than in the physical world.

Enter digital marketing agencies, which became one of the hottest and most relevant services of the pandemic era. These agencies were there to shoulder the load alongside all the other companies and help them stay relevant in a world where the collective focus shifted to the online medium. Through digital marketing tips and hacks, many businesses were able to stay afloat and keep in touch with their customers (not to mention attract new ones), in spite of the harsh conditions.

This gave them an edge over the traditional marketing agencies and allowed many digital marketing agencies to thrive in a bleak climate.

Finding the right digital marketing agency for your business.

Naturally, finding the right digital marketing agency for your business involves a lot of trial and error, in the beginning, not to mention implies costs. It’s probably a wise idea to focus your attention on a digital marketing agency specializing in your type of business, in particular, rather than one dealing in digital marketing techniques in general.

AAAnimal Advertising, for instance, is a digital marketing agency specializing in wildlife control companies and the whole pest removal and protection sphere. It stands to reason that you’d want an agency that understands your field of work in particular and its own associated set of needs.

And yes, there are costs to digital marketing, and that’s actually one of the things that are keeping most business owners from investing in digital marketing. But that’s flawed logic at its finest, really. With businesses shifting focus to the digital world because of the pandemic, digital marketing is easily one of the best money you’ll spend this year.

Digital marketing, ultimately, is here to stay.

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the impact of the pandemic on digital marketing agencies, and how it increased the need for businesses to be present in the digital sphere. However, even once the pandemic is over, digital marketing will linger and remain one of the best investments a business can make. 

The collective attention of the world is shifting to the online medium, which is why you see less and less advertising in the real world, and more focus on the digital kind. This is probably why, pandemic or no pandemic, digital marketing agencies will continue to develop and thrive in the future (though naturally, the pandemic did give them a significant boost, you can’t deny that).

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