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Top-10 benefits of implementing SaaS LIMS

Applying a cloud-based LIMS will provide your laboratory with multiple benefits.

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Before implementing LIMS software, you need to understand all its advantages better and analyze how LIMS can increase the laboratory’s effectiveness.

Thanks to automating best practices and providing controlled samples and data management, your laboratory can save a lot of time and resources. Besides, LIMS helps improve the quality control process and laboratory performance measurement.

At the same time, with the LIMS SaaS solution, organizations can elevate the particular benefits further by the additional but reliable computing power through the cloud. The SaaS model offers significant data backup options.

Also, multiple SaaS development companies like Exoft make it possible to expand on-demand and reduce resources without facing lag and other inefficiencies or spending unexpected hardware costs. 

Thus, below you can find the top ten critical advantages of applying SaaS LIMS that are focused on maximizing the laboratory’s overall performance and improving the reliability of record management. 

Rapid Deployment

An appropriate SaaS LIMS solution requires only thirty days for full deployment and functioning. During the implementation phase, the emphasis is more on reinforcing general best practices rather than on customization or configuration.

Also, that eliminates the need to design a detailed workflow mapping from scratch, provide development and validation time, or conduct other processes that intend to cover unique aspects regarding individual labs. 

Instead, a cloud-based LIMS promotes applying best practices and saves time and cost required for adopting and onboarding. 

Pre-Configured Workflows

Establishing validated, pre-configured workflows can efficiently support different laboratory operations and serve as a crucial part of a LIMS solution.

A robust LIMS can document item attributes and sources, monitor its path and consumption within the lab, and confirm completed testing. Besides, it can document the data generated and report on the pass or fail results. 

Thanks to a SaaS LIMS, you need less time to document and onboard to the best possible workflow and monitor its adherence. In this case, your LIMS has automated built-in sample processes and tracking.

Since the system is created considering the regulations across various industries, you have best practices involved, such as barcodes or unique identifiers. That allows tracking all samples during the entire testing process. 

Validated Upgrades

LIMS SaaS subscription includes upgrades validated for complying with the necessary regulations and workflow best practices. Therefore, you can forget about ongoing upgrade projects that require additional costs and the associated testing process.

Since the validation is already completed, your LIMS system always remains up-to-date with the newest improvements. 

Affordable but Reliable

An established LIMS system performs efficiently by reliably storing data on the cloud. Besides, as SaaS LIMS requires only minimal local resources, it can operate smoothly with no lags and crashes.

After all, LIMS solutions are hosted on relevant web browsers, which means they can function without powerful and expensive PCs

In this case, you should not worry about troubleshooting and fixing your system’s setup constantly. That allows keeping IT costs low. Also, if any issue arises, your SaaS subscription cost covers software and server management operations. 

Secure Environment

With a SaaS LIMS system, you will obtain high-quality security on both applications and infrastructure levels. What about the apps: they can support advanced security features, including Active Directory integration, end-to-end encryption, or specific role-based permissions. Such features help keep criminals from accessing laboratory information.

As opposed, traditional, non-SaaS LIMS solutions cannot provide the appropriate security. Using a typical LIMS product means the company that deploys it is responsible for security. These companies incur additional costs because they work on protecting their data from various threats that range from viruses to data breaches.  

24/7 Support

Today, laboratories perform 24/7, which affects the level of availability required from technical support to provide a seamless user experience. Modern SaaS LIMS solutions create dedicated support teams available round the clock to answer clients’ questions and address problems that arise.

Thus, clients obtain a single point of contact, although their issue may refer to the infrastructure or the system. That allows ensuring issues are addressed expeditiously. Finally, LIMS providers also apply proactive monitoring. 

Accessible on All Browsers

Compared to a hosted in-house LIMS system, the SaaS solution does not require using a firewall or operating on a VPN. All you need to enter into a SaaS LIMS system is your login and password. The existing SaaS products provide easy-to-use, responsive solutions that you can access on browsers from both computers and mobile devices. 

Workflow Automation

Many laboratory processes still depend on human effort, which in turn can lead to potential human errors. With a SaaS LIMS system, you can automate the workflow and remove the particular concern since all required tracking is finished. Besides, all workflows determined within your LIMS solution promote the overall system’s effectiveness. 

Availability of Information & Reporting

Implementing SaaS LIMS allows keeping laboratory information, analysis, and reports readily available for each laboratory member. With the particular LIMS, you can create a library of historical data and analyze trends and tendencies across several batches.

Also, lab data libraries promote stronger decision-making thanks to lab results contextualization, laboratory data optimization, and data repository maintenance. 

Enhanced Visibility & Efficiency

Providing all authorized laboratory members with access to the available samples and data results in higher efficiency. A SaaS LIMS system allows understanding the volume and status of lab workloads better and tracking predefined KPIs related to lab performance.

Ultimately, with SaaS LIMS solutions, you can assign parts of the workload to laboratories or separate employees and share critical information regarding such assignments. That makes the delegation process and workload management more feasible. 


To sum up, applying a cloud-based LIMS will provide your laboratory with multiple benefits. But to ensure that your LIMS system follows industry best practices, you need to cooperate with a reliable and experienced partner.

That allows making your system cost-appropriate and establishes necessary support by experts, which means you can focus on core business operations. 

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