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10 benefits of using Microsoft Power BI as a business intelligence solution

In this post, you’ll see why why organizations use this amazing tool. It’s a good investment and can definitely improve your company even better.

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Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business anytime solution that analyzes data from various sources.

This tool is very efficient and effective in analyzing data from several sources because of the various data connectors available.

This is a helpful tool because a non-technical person can also create and understand business reports without coding knowledge. 

As we know, Business Intelligence is a crucial component to keep your business operation smooth, and aggressive on the market. Power BI capability as predictive analysis software comes in handy just for that.

Dive Deeper: To learn more, Enterprise DNA has an excellent Power BI for Beginners Guide worth diving into.

With Microsoft Power BI, you can create interactive reports, perform Ad hoc analysis, and share those reports in the Power BI workspace with your colleagues for easy access. 

The flexible pricing option and sharing capabilities through Power BI mobile really give it a competitive edge.

This is why the Power BI tool’s popularity in various business industries continues to rise. Business intelligence helps in gathering and analyzing data for calculated decision-making. 

Microsoft is renowned for its technology, and because of the vast customer base, more and more organizations are adopting Power BI as a Business Intelligence analytics tool.

As per the latest report, Power BI has a 5.8% market share in the Business intelligence industry, and it is continuously growing. 

  1. Power BI is a Smart and Effective Solution

Power BI is a modern tool for business solutions. This tool does not require significant capital expenditure on resources and applies to users in any business, big or small.

Being an Analytics tool, you can connect your big data and create interactive reports with multiple customization options.

Microsoft Power BI is straightforward to use because of the UI. With all the prebuilt report templates, you don’t need complicated training to use them immediately.

  1. Power BI learning phase

Moreover, Microsoft Power BI comes with a powerful and easy UI. It has a natural language interface and pre-built visual templates for quick report generation.

Even after all the complicated features, users find it effortless to use as it doesn’t require complicated training and support. This tool is very versatile and analyzes data effectively.  

  1. A Versatile Tool that can Integrate with Existing Applications 

Microsoft Power BI can be easily integrated with your current business applications and environment. One of the best benefits you can get out of this tool is you don’t need to replace or change anything in your business as this can easily adapt in your business environment. This feature is very crucial. Integrating something new in your business could take you off track.

  1. Secure and Faster Publishing Reports

Data in Power BI is encrypted and secured at rest and in process. It uses Microsoft-managed keys to encrypt business data. For workspace, Row-level security (RLS) restricts the data access for any users. We all know how important reports and information are in a business. Using Power BI can help you publish reports securely. The automatic data refresh feature is a perfect feature in publishing reports faster. 

  1. Personalized Dashboard

The dashboard can be easily customized or personalized depending on the needs of your business. The single page is called canva in Power BI  that you can use to highlight data for showcasing your business reports. You can also pin information tiles on the canva to create a custom looking dashboard as per datasets available. This can be helpful for some users to adapt Power BI easily. Furthermore, the dashboards and business intelligence reports can be easily embedded in the application to provide a healthier user experience. 

  1. Simple and Yet So Powerful

The Microsoft Power BI has several amazing features, including in-memory analysis, DAX scripting, and flexible tiles. You can also explore your data for quick insights using natural language processing. Likewise these are some examples of why Power BI is famous in the developer community too. These features are simple, but the performance is superb.

  1. Reduce Cost

Power BI is a good investment for any business, large or small. You can buy either the Pro version, which gives a limited feature but many Azure cloud functionalities. You can avail yourself of the premium that has slight features and advantages to the pro version. But version prices are very reasonable, monthly fees are very affordable.

Using Power BI can reduce the upfront costs. It doesn’t need any licenses or support. You’ll only need to pay for monthly subscriptions. Using the tool can help you analyze the data effectively and make a good decision to increase revenue. Lastly, using Power BI can save more money by performing the analysis internally. 

  1. Refreshing Data

Using Microsoft Power BI can give you the latest data and reports anytime because it has features that automatically refresh the data. The pro version can refresh data up to 8 times daily, while the premium can refresh data up to 48 times a day. Accurate and live reports are very crucial in a business. With the use of Power BI, you can publish, share, and access the latest data. 

  1. Has Monthly Updates

Every month the Microsoft development team gives an update. Monthly updates may include new features and functions. Monthly updates are important; they will keep your organization to be competitive in the market. Power BI products are updated regularly to give you more functions that could help your organization. The Continues updates of the Power BI make the tool more powerful. New functions and features are voted once the voting is done. 

  1. Can be Accessed in Various Devices

Power BI reports can be accessed on multiple platforms and devices, including IOS, Android phones, Laptops, and Personal Computer, as long as you have an internet connection. Furthermore, Power BI can be accessed in native applications in Android, IOS, and Windows devices. Accessing the Power BI report is made easier through Power BI mobile. 


Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool with many benefits that will help your company or business in the long run. The price is good, and there updates on a regular basis. The Power BI will provide you with accurate, compelling, real data via dashboard-style reports. This tool is an effective solution for your organization to develop and stay competitive in the market. This tool will make the job efficient and easier.

Now you have a clear understanding why many organizations use this amazing tool. It’s a good investment and can definitely improve your company even better. 

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