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Top tech products every business needs according to Robinderpal Rathor

Using these tools can save you time and effort, which you can turn into productivity that benefits your bottom line.


Being an entrepreneur is a tough business. There are many factors to ensure success – from having the right products, strong customer relations, knowing how to get into cybersecurity so you have plenty of education about what you’re doing, and in some cases, even a bit of luck. 

However, business leaders have secret weapons in their toolbox that can help them level the playing field or even get ahead, even if they’re not aware of them yet. Technology has advanced and so too have the applications that give business leaders an edge – and they’re all tools that anyone can use without relying on an IT department

Robinderpal Rathor is an experienced marketing operations manager, and has first-hand knowledge of some of the tech products available to streamline business operations to become more efficient, and even help with promotion. Here are some of his top picks.

Workflow Optimization Tools

Inevitably you have employees or contracted freelancers that all need to be on the same page when it comes to projects. While you can send a flurry of emails or texts back and forth, they aren’t necessarily organized into categories, which can mean wasting time searching around for information, notes Robinderpal Rathor. 

Luckily, there are a number of project/workflow management tools available to businesses that can help categorize each task and allow real-time input from all involved parties in a secure environment. For example, Trello and Basecamp are digital solutions that allow easier collaboration, letting users share documents and schedule deadlines. There are other products including Slack that’s essentially a real-time message board that features channels for various teams or projects.

You can even sometimes use these types of tools to help to track the time taken on projects, as well as monitoring the budget.

Social Media Management Products

Most businesses today maintain several social media accounts to maximize their exposure to a wider audience. However, while it can be an effective strategy for businesses to connect with customers using social media, it also means potential time wasted checking each account individually for notifications and messages.

Programs such as Hootsuite have had this problem figured out for a while – the product arrived in 2008 as a solution to managing multiple accounts whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This way, you’ll have a single dashboard you can look at that will show your accounts so you don’t miss anything, and can you can easily share information or reply quickly so you don’t lose a potential customer. There are some alternatives to Hootsuite, including Buffer and SocialPilot, which like Hootsuite, lets you see your accounts in one place and even schedule posts for a certain time to take advantage of higher online traffic, for example.

Staff Training Software

Bringing on a new employee can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor – in fact, some experts like Robinderpal Rathor know it can be up to 2 years before a staff member is fully up to speed on all processes. 

Luckily, technology can help in this area too. While face-to-face instruction and hands-on experience are always musts when integrating a new hire, tools such as Lessonly can help reduce the time investment when onboarding new members of your team, which can free up time to focus on managing the growth of other areas of your business.

There are other electronic training platforms out there, such as Docebo, which actually taps into the power of artificial intelligence to help personalize a learning experience for an employee.

Email Marketing Solutions

If you have a long list of people that you want to send a promotional email to, then you’ll need the right products to achieve it – namely email marketing service providers. 

You could try sending out a mass email from your standard email account, but you won’t necessarily be able to track results and ensure your campaign reaches inboxes, which is ensured when using a service provider. Some email servers might block such mass mailings, especially if they’re recognized as “spam.

Robinderpal Rathor suggests using email campaign solutions that have been specifically designed to reach several people at once, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. These types of email marketing solutions have been shown to have a high rate of return for businesses.

Keep in mind that these products are not usually free – or if they are, only provide a bare minimum and most companies will need the premium versions to maximum efficiency. But using these tools can save you time and effort, which you can turn into productivity that benefits your bottom line, concludes Robinderpal Rathor.

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