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Utkarsh Raj suggests 5 must-use plugins for e-commerce websites

Utkarsh Raj is a prodigy when it comes to serial entrepreneurship.

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Building an online e-commerce store is easy these days, thanks to platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. In fact, Utkarsh Raj, a rising serial entrepreneur, developed more than 30 stores on Shopify in the last few months. But creating an e-commerce site is not enough. You need to decorate it just like you decorate your home. And for online stores, decorations mean using essential plugins that make it easier for you to conduct business and your customers to buy products and services.

According to Utkarsh, most entrepreneurs follow the trial and error method of using and eliminating plugins until they find the right combination. But if you don’t want to follow that process, here are a few must-use plugins that Utkarsh suggests.

1. Easy Digital Downloads

Many bloggers want to sell digital products on WordPress. For example, travel itinerary with pictures, DIY videos for AC installation, and many other things. Easy Digital Downloads allows you to manage and sell these products directly from your blog. It converts your blog into a digital sales platform so that you can sell items like PDF files, audio/video clips, or eBooks.

2. WPForms

Any business owner would want to know a few contact details of customers like email addresses, social media profiles, or phone numbers for future references. WPForms allows you to set up a contact form and include the details you want to know. Utkarsh believes you shouldn’t ask too much information from visitors as they may feel suspicious about your site. Apart from asking for personal details, you can also use this plugin to add payment forms, order forms, and email subscription forms.

3. Veeqo

Veeqo is one of the best plugins that offer an all-in-one solution to manage your online store and also other channels, such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay from one platform. This plugin allows you to sync inventory in real-time, buy from suppliers, manage picking, packing, and shipping, edit product listings, and manage orders.

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the king of all e-commerce plugins. It not only helps in building an online store but also lets you expand the site over time. For example, you start by selling five products today. After a year, you make enough money to grow your business and sell ten more products. WooCommerce helps to add as many products as you want. Apart from making your store flexible, WooCommerce also lets you use unique images from its product gallery so that the site looks beautiful.

5. BackupBuddy

Utkarsh rightly points out that if a website crashes, you lose all your customer’s details. Failure of the host server or hardware breakdowns can lead to losing your customer’s data. If you don’t want that to happen, install BackupBuddy now. Its offsite cloud storage is crucial to provide a backup of all the information you need of your customers even if your site goes down for a few minutes.

Utkarsh Raj is a prodigy when it comes to serial entrepreneurship. At 19 years, he is already a kingpin in e-commerce, helping others to set up their online stores. You can follow his advice and install these plugins to make your business successful.

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