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What does the rise of online car sales mean for small car dealerships?

Owners of car dealerships need to embrace the internet and build their presence online.

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The days of brick and mortar businesses existing solely in an offline way are over. Nowadays, even the smallest of small business owners need to have some sort of presence on the internet to be able to compete with the competition.

This is especially true for small car dealerships, as online car sales sites are on the rise. It is estimated that the number of cars sold online will rise from 825,000 in 2019 to 6 million in 2025. This highlights the need for owners of small car dealerships to develop the online side of their business now.

Your Site Should Showcase Your Products

Building a website to showcase products is a great way to spark interest in customers at home.

Beat the Trend

Online retail sales of cars currently equate to ten percent of the world’s deals, but this figure is rapidly increasing. The industry is one of the slowest to move wholly online, but it seems like its time will come over the next couple of decades. Owners of small dealerships that begin to prepare for this now could put themselves at an advantage.

Easy to Build a Site

One of the main stumbling blocks for small businesses that want to increase their online presence is the website. There continues to be the commonly-held misconception that you need to be a computer genius or coder to be able to build a site. In 2020, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Building a website is actually incredibly easy, thanks to the rise of cheap website building tools. These sites have a vast number of templates that have been created by experts. Users simply edit the sections that they want to change. Car dealership owners will be able to showcase all of their products on a website like this. They can also select a click and collect function to help customers buy with ease.

Digital Marketing to Attract More People to the Store

Car dealerships can also leverage the power of the internet to bring more customers to their physical location through a couple of methods.

Facebook Ads

It is quite simple for anyone to set up a Facebook ad campaign. By adding an attractive picture or video along with some eye-catching copy, small businesses can reach more people. Through market research into their existing customers, a car dealership owner could target the right demographic using the keyword tools on the site.

Google Ads

Another option is Google Ads. This is useful for people who are actually looking for car dealerships in their area by typing the search query into Google. By paying for Google Ads, small business owners can get their page to come up at the top of the screen above the search results.

Owners of car dealerships need to embrace the internet and build their presence online. One way to do this is by employing computer programmers. However, it is simple enough to create your own website nowadays by using site-building tools. Having a website is crucial for building an online presence, as it enables you to begin promoting your business and services to a much wider audience.

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