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Where to find social media marketing clients  

While an SMMA may seem overwhelming at the beginning, the good news is that owning an agency gets easier over time. 

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Social media marketing agencies (SMMA) have grown in popularity for entrepreneurs that see a huge potential in online businesses.

While many agencies rave on YouTube and Instagram about the endless profits they are making, no SMMA talks about how actually to get social media clients.

It’s no secret. Just like any other business, to keep an SMMA alive, owners must have a constant stream of clients. 

Clients Are Key 

SMMA owners often make the mistake of investing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, into online courses to learn social media marketing. 

While this knowledge may be useful to understand project timelines, owners must realize finding and maintaining clients is key to a successful SMMA.

It’s important for owners to delegate the technical work to subcontractors or employees to save time for crucial sales activities.

A good example of this theory in practice is the owner of a basketball team. The owner does not actually play the game. He hires players to do that and lead the team to success. SMMA owners should think the same way and focus on the ways to increase sales of their services.

There are many ways for SMMA owners to increase sales, but they must first understand where to find social media marketing clients.

How To Get Social Media Clients

There is a variety of ways to find your first few clients and keep them coming back. Just like any other business, without any clients, your SMMA will not survive.

The good news is with more clients onboard and a greater body of work, landing clients becomes much easier over time.

It’s important for SMMA owners to leverage networks and tools that are already in place to grow their agencies to their full potential.


While some owners are either too shy or don’t believe in the power of networking, using your existing social network is one of the best things you can do to increase sales for your SMMA.

Whether it’s friends and family, social media connections (LinkedIn and Facebook are great for lead generation!), or B2B contacts, your existing network is full of sales opportunities.

The best way to leverage your contacts is to ask for introductions to key decision-makers that your contacts already know. Many people don’t like to receive emails or phone calls from strangers, so having social proof before speaking to contact leads to a much higher close rate. 


Once an SMMA owner starts to dig into contacts, it is important to stay persistent and patient on the road to success.

Sales is a numbers game. You are far more likely to be rejected and denied than be awarded a contract.

It’s important not to get discouraged and realize that some clients are just not a good fit for your SMMA. There is still plenty of fish in the sea, and working online opens a world of possibilities. 

That’s why it is recommended for all SMMA owners to start with cold calling clients. Make a list of potential clients that fit your criteria and reach out to them directly. Not only will your soft skills improve through this cold calling exercise, but your perseverance will also grow as well. It’s never a bad thing for a business owner to have. 

Email Finder 

While cold calls are a great way to start finding clients and increase sales, the power of email should not be underestimated. 

When making a list of potential email contacts, it’s crucial to narrow down your search and have an idea of what businesses you want to target. A great way to do this is to make comprehensive research on your target companies.

If you focus on Facebook advertising, does the company even have a Facebook page? If not, an SMMA owner now has a potential way to pitch the client. 

If your SMMA specializes on Instagram, is your target company’s page disorganized and cluttered? If yes, you can create a proposal to improve its Instagram branding.

Once the research is done, it’s time to become an email hunter! To be successful, SMMA owners must have a proven method for digging out email addresses of decision-makers.

Tools like SignalHire are a great option to improve your chances of finding these emails. They make it simple and easy to quickly find the contact information that you need. The best part about SignalHire is that they have a directory of over 10 million companies that are sorted alphabetically to help you find exactly who you are searching for. 

With SignalHire’s help in getting the contacts you need, you will be well on your way to growing your SMMA business and increasing your sales.

The Good News About SMMA

While an SMMA may seem overwhelming at the beginning, the good news is that owning an agency gets easier over time. 

Once you get contacts, persist through the initial roadblocks, and put in place a reliable email finder like SignalHire to help you search for social media marketing clients, you’ll be able to reinvest more time into improving the way your business actually operates. 

At that point, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of being an SMMA owner and seeing how your company has helped to transform the businesses of multiple clients.

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