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4 ways bitcoin can make you money in 2021

Here are some of the best ways to make 2021 your year for reaping the cryptocurrency rewards.

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As bitcoin turns 12 years old, the opportunity to make money through an investment in BTC increases at an explosive rate going into 2021. 

Many more people are interested in this digital currency as the years go by. What was once a mysterious new concept is now becoming an excellent investment.

Here are some of the best ways to make 2021 your year for reaping the cryptocurrency rewards. 

Buying and holding 

For beginners in bitcoin trading strategies, you want to get involved in buying and holding bitcoin. Your first step will be to get a bitcoin wallet, buy bitcoin, and then hope that the value of the bitcoin spikes in the future. At present bitcoin holds its highest value on record of over $20,000 per bitcoin. You can see from trends that 2021 is set to become the biggest year for reaping bitcoin rewards to date.


Trading is the fast-paced equivalent of holding Bitcoin. BTC trading takes advantage of Bitcoin’s fast-moving nature. It requires knowledge of the market and practice, so it pays to do your homework before even considering giving it a go. 

There are a couple of styles of trading that you can look into at first: 

  1. Day trading- short and quick trades. This allows opportunities for small, fast profits. This trading method will involve looking deep into the market and seizing any small money-making opportunities, capitalizing it for a small profit. Over time, day traders could have a significant gain. 
  2. Arbitrage- means that instead of seeking money-making opportunities within the same exchange, traders will look across multiple platforms. They will buy BTC from exchange 1 and then sell it for a higher price at exchange 2. 

Trading will require a lot of practice, and you’re unlikely to get it right for your first go. Do some extensive research, and work out which strategy is best for you. 

The affiliate marketing advantage 

All over social media and blogging platforms, you will see that many companies will use affiliate marketing to draw in new customers. Affiliate marketing will give incentives to existing customers to bring people they know into the business as well. 

There is a range of incentives over the market that all differ from one to the next. Make sure to carefully study them and take the time to choose which you should wish to invest your time and money into. 

This is a fast and easy way of making money with Bitcoin but will require extensive research. 

Taking Bitcoin payments 

If you run a business, now is the best time to start accepting BTC as payment. 

Doing so will not only widen your global reach, but it will also make payments more secure while accelerating the payment process. 

Accepting BTC as payment is simple. If you run a storefront business, you put a sign up stating you accept bitcoin payments and a banner on your website for an online business. Usefully integrated payment methods on your website where customers can send funds directly to your bitcoin wallet. 

You can then start to use the funds in your bitcoin wallet for investments which could set to grow more and more in the future. 

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