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5 ways to make money online

One of the most appealing things about the online world is that your options are practically unlimited – you can sell, trade or create whatever you choose

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The internet is not only a fixture of modern life, but it also contains many amazing shortcuts to improvement for those who are open to the prospect of new-age life hacks, especially when it comes to working for a buck.

Plenty of careers have been made online, whether through content, trading, or selling, and there are always more opportunities available. The best part is that you don’t need a significant lump sum to get started – in fact, small investments are often more than enough to get a new gig off the ground and start earning returns.


In the 15 years since YouTube was founded, a flood of creatives has set about making their own videos in exchange for satisfaction, minor fame and, if they’re fortunate, some form of revenue. If you have passion, confidence, and a creative concept in mind, you’re already on your way to joining them – all you need now is an audience.

When defining your channel concept, consider your skills, your interests, and the interests of your ideal viewer. Once you have an original idea, all that’s left to do is start creating great content that leaves viewers wanting more, and you’ll be raking in extra cash through product placement, merchandise and affiliate links before you know it.


As one of the major up and coming trends, cryptocurrency has made news headlines for the groundbreaking returns afforded to early adopters. Investing in a form of cryptocurrency might seem like a foolproof first step on your road to financial abundance, but like most things, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

If this is your first foray into the world of alternative investments, start by tracking down a guide to cryptocurrency trading which will teach you the basics. With a little preliminary research, you can avoid making potentially disastrous investment decisions early in your crypto career.


Online shopping is a huge industry, growing more popular with each passing year, which means there has never been a more opportune time to hitch your wagon to the e-commerce train. In case you have any concerns about your lack of knowledge or experience in the area, a simple web search will showcase a wide range of support platforms for e-commerce prospects who are new to the game.

Websites like Shopify can help you through each step in the process, from setting up your store and choosing your product inventory to manage customer communications. If it feels almost too easy, then you know you’re on to a good thing.

Furthermore, if you don’t want to do all the hard work of creating your own store and listing your products to sell, you can opt for the other way around. You can choose from some great platforms that are out there, though just be careful of fees.

Talking about fees, there is a marketplace that doesn’t charge for selling online, called Sheepbuy. It allows you to list your items and sell your stuff directly to the customers. The process is pretty easy and best of all it’s free to try out. Also, good to mention that all transactions are between buyer and seller via PayPal. Amazing, right? Click here to know more!

Online Surveys

As money-making methods go, surveys are hardly the most exciting online option, but they are one of the most accessible in that there’s no need to take a course, read a book, or put time and effort into creating something that will sell. All you need to do is search the internet for online surveys and countless websites will show up, eagerly awaiting your presence.

The only trouble is that when you use your personal information as currency, data privacy becomes a real risk, which is why it’s so important to choose your sources of income carefully. Before you hit submit, look for signs of legitimacy, like an https link and a security certificate, and always read the fine print.


Taking on a freelance side-hustle is one of the more legitimate ways to take advantage of the money-making opportunities online. Read an article from Lifehacker guy here for his experience. Traditional freelance jobs include things like copywriting, graphic design, and social media management, but through the growth of online video and communication platforms, a range of other opportunities have emerged. From fitness industry professionals like personal trainers, yoga instructors and nutritionists to those with high-value niche talents like programming and app development, a wide range of talents have become transferable into the realm of the web.

One of the most appealing things about the online world is that your options are practically unlimited – you can sell, trade or create whatever you choose, and with a little luck, people will jump at the chance to buy into your new venture. Even so, you should expect to put in the hard draft before things start to pick up, so make sure you’re prepared to commit to the online grind in the long-term.

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