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5 WordPress plug-ins for better website management

The best thing about WordPress plug-ins is that there is a choice, and you don’t have to oblige yourself to a specific one.

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In order for your website to function properly, you sometimes have to spend days, weeks and even months coding, carefully planning and evaluating. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case if you use WordPress. The best thing about this content management system is that it is completely user-friendly and has a great potential to become even simpler. The key to this lies in cunning use of proper plug-ins and addons for WordPress, which are abundant.


The issue of your page’s security is one of the most important things there are. The fastest way for your website to gain bad reputation, is for its security to be compromised. If something like this happens, even the most brilliant design or optimal performance won’t be able to help it. However, making your site safe and sound is not an easy task and in order to do this you will need the right plugin on your side. This is where Wordfence Security will come in handy.


Boosting speed

It is a known fact that nothing can be more frustrating than waiting ages for a page to load. Sure, adding a lot of different content (textual, flash, pictures and video) all make your website look more appealing to its visitors. Still, this over-encumbrance can lead to a serious slowing down of your page. In order to remedy this problem, you would do well to pick the right speed enhancing plug-in like WP Rocket. This way, you will significantly increase the performance of your site with nothing more than a simple plug-in.

Social Media Sharing

Regardless of the purpose of your website, in today’s world it simply has to be connected with social networks. Sometimes people will skip sharing your content just because you don’t have embedded social media sharing functions. That’s where/when Monarch Social Media Sharing plug-in comes into play. Monarch is highly configurable, you can place it on either side of your website and it has more than 35 social networks at its disposal. With it you can be sure that someone’s laziness to copy/paste won’t stop your “voice from being heard”.

Sales and distribution

The thing that hurts your profit most is giving a cut to the third party, especially when something like this is not even necessary. For example, if you are in event organizing business it is completely redundant to pay a fee to a middleman for every ticket that you sell. This is where, WordPress event ticket sales plugin can be of invaluable assistance. It will allow you to take the helm and on your own conduct the entire process of ticket sales and distribution. Needless to say, this way all the profit will be yours to do with as you see fit.

Keeping backup

Earlier, when we spoke about security, hackers are not the only thing that threatens your website. Sometimes, something insignificant can go off and you can start losing some valuable data. This is why you need to make regular backups. Still, doing so on your own is often both annoying and exhausting. Luckily, this entire process can be significantly simplified with the use of WP-Backup plug-in. It is simple, powerful and enables dropbox integration, along with support for both Windows and Linux servers.

Finally, if your website is your livelihood, you need to take every step possible to promote and preserve it, and that is where the above mentioned plug-ins play their role. The best thing about WordPress plug-ins is that there is a choice, and you don’t have to oblige yourself to a specific one. Just like with phone or pc apps, you use the one which suits you and your needs in the best manner possible.

Content customization

In WordPress, the content doesn’t have to be bland. You can use multiple plugins to make it look better or even the standard options that WordPress has. 

You can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and several other video providers. You can also add infographics, or you can create dynamic tables and charts with a WordPress tables plugin.

There are also plenty of formatting plugins that will help you create easy-to-read articles that your visitors will love to share. 

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Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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