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7 essential all-in-one apps you’ll want for your iPhone

There’s an endless amount of apps for the iPhone and quite honestly it’s a little exhausting. We rounded up 7 of our favorites below.

There’s an endless amount of apps for the iPhone and quite honestly it’s a little exhausting. We rounded up 7 of our favorites below.

For almost every smartphone user there comes a day when his or her phone is top-full and just cannot take another app. It happens more often if you are an app junkie like me, who wants to try it all and has 5 planners and 3 relax apps because, you know – one is absolutely gorgeous, and that one is oh-so-familiar, and that one has this amazing feature… No, there is no app for that situation. Just some commons sense and maybe a pinch of secondhand experience in a form of this guide. Learn from my mistakes. You are welcome!

CM Locker

cm locker

Seems that CM Locker is just a screen lock, but it is so much more!  A variety of anti-theft features, such as lock screen (PIN and pattern lock security), a possibility to lock certain apps, intruder selfie taken after a set number of failed attempts to enter a code, a possibility to lock your phone remotely and sound the alarm – all this makes the app a versatile security tool. It also offers many personalization options (wallpaper changer, styles, themes, password modes) widgets (weather forecast, notifications), shortcuts (to music, camera, calculator, recent apps) and battery boost. All in one, indeed. Cheetah Mobile has somewhat different packages for Android and iOS users, but both options are worth the try.



This fellow is your friend if you are after personalized news feed, advanced search, shortcuts to trending articles and other tools to navigate the Internet overflown with information. With Feedly you can organize, bookmark, arrange by topic and save for later viewing everything you find worth you attention – articles, YouTube channels, podcasts, collections, you name it. Feedly is equally good for keeping track of favorite publishers and for digging up new jewels. It easily integrates with almost every social network, so sharing your discoveries is also quick and seamless. You can get it for Android, iOS and for the Web as a browser add-on.

Planner Plus

Planner Plus

Available for Android, iOS, and even Kindle Fire fans, Planner Plus is a jack-of-all-trades, where calendar meets task manager meets personal organizer to keep your life in order. Events, tasks, notes all in one intuitive and clean interface, though some may find it austere. However, if the lack of customization is not a deal breaker for you, you will love Planner Plus. You can connect it to your Facebook account, synchronize all events with Google Calendar and maps, prioritize your tasks, move appointments, set reminders for both task and events, and even enjoy daily inspirational quotes. 3-in-1 at minimum!

Pumpic App


This app is parental control and monitoring tool, and it has it all: it blocks adult content and filters websites, blocks inappropriate apps (based on what you deem inappropriate) and all the other things that controls do. It also monitors and logs all online activities of the child, such as chats, web searches, social networks, photos, calls, and texts. No bullying, no sexting, no-nonsense. If you are not overwhelmed already, add a GPS tracker and geo-fencing on top of it, to be sure your child is safely home or at school. Pumpic App is available for both Android and iOS devices and is versatile as can be.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer

You can use Cozi as a shopping list app, but that’s just a tip of an iceberg. Cozi is not strictly an app – it is what it says – a family organizer, a hub where you can synchronize schedules of all family members, set reminders, notifications, track birthdays, assign chores, create to-do lists, store recipes and add ingredients directly to your grocery lists. The possibility to access all this broad functionality from every device your family owns, and even from the Web makes Cozi a veritable all-in-one.


calm app

Calm is and app for your emotional well-being. Although it is marketed as meditation app, it offers an array of programs that are focused on your needs and the moment: gratitude, mindfulness, non-judgment, managing stress, calming anxiety, and even better sleep. The time range is also impressive – from 10-minute talks up to 21-day courses. You can use this multitasking app as an anti-stress aid for a soothing session during the short break at the office, as well as a white noise machine for going fast asleep at night. It is practical and helpful; its advice is empathetic and concrete, much unlike typical esoteric apps. Calm is available for Android and iOS, and you can feel better simply by opening their website in your browser.

Social Networking All In One

Ok, this one is probably not as much for saving a memory space as for saving your precious time. What is the major time-consuming activity you can think of? That’s right, social networking. Log into Facebook, scroll down the feed, like this, wow that, log out. Then do the same for Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+… All your friends are scattered around these media and you wish you just could see all the feeds in one place. Now you can! Unlike the overwhelming majority of tools like Hootsuite and MavSocial that focus on scheduling posts and analytics, making them, therefore, useful for brands, Social Networking All In One is an app for individuals who just want to keep a track of their friends’ endless updates. In addition, it supports a dizzying number of networks. This particular app is for Android devices, but there are other decent options for the Web, such as Alteration.

Do you have your favorite multitaskers? Share your tips in the comments!

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