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7 useful home improvement and remodeling apps for the DIY crowd

Here are some remodeling apps that can aid in your DIY adventures and allow you to streamline the whole process.

7 Useful Home Improvement and Remodeling Apps for DIYers

Home improvement projects boost the efficiency, comfort, and overall appeal of the property. On top of that, they also enhance the value of your home, which is a win-win scenario. However, nobody wants to pour money down the drain, which means that it’s highly advisable to weigh the pros and cons of different home improvement undertakings. Here are some apps that can aid in your DIY adventures and allow you to streamline the whole process.


Home improvement ideas don’t always come naturally, but that is when the Houzz comes to save the day. This platform is actually a huge community of interior design aficionados, architects, eager DIYers, and homeowners seeking to make a difference in their living environment. The possibilities are virtually endless and you can draw inspiration from this amazing app at any time, whether you are remodeling, decorating or building.


In the stage of planning, it is a good idea to turn to handy apps such as Magic Plan, especially if you mean to engage in major works (tearing down walls, for example). Namely, without a sound floor plan, it is impossible to get the remodeling right. Drawing it can be rather tricky, but fortunately, this software uses photos of your home to conduct the calibration, producing professional-grade-looking floor plans.

Handyman Calculator

This one is a free all-around app for all sorts of calculations. It allows you to master the art of math and harness the database of innumerable preprogrammed equations. This way, you can avoid wasting money. It’s possible to assess the construction material, paint, and square footage, keep track of time, manage to-do lists, and calculate loans. There is, in fact, a plethora of other calculations that you may have overlooked completely.

Wiser Home

Energy efficiency is one of the top priorities when going about home improvement and remodeling. It gives you a chance to lower utility bills, apart from limiting the environmental impact. The apps in the league of Wiser Home stand out as they enable you to monitor and optimize energy use. Furthermore, note that PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) represents a great mechanism for financing energy-saving projects and a way to empower your energy-conserving efforts even stronger.


Mixing colors has never been easier with TapPainter. If you want to play it safe, TapPainter is a no-brainer. All you have to do is take a photo of your room and upload it to the app. It will process the colors, analyze factors like lighting and layout, and give an accurate preview of how your space would look like. Users can also find the closest matches for custom colors and pick from complete color fan decks and the offerings of reputable brands.


One thing you do not want to neglect in the home is regular repair and maintenance. You may think of yourself as a jack of all trades, but sooner or later, there’s a project which gives you headaches. Well, now you may utilize iFixIt app to handle DIY repairs and check out a wide array of guides for home appliances and furniture. And if you lack proper tools for the job, the app can link you to the iFixIt’s online store.

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