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Alex Karetin, entrepreneur & gamer: why you need to play video games

Based on my familiar gamers’ experience I decided to share with you five advantages of gamers or what you can learn from video games.

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The whole world is playing Shadow Lands now and you never know who can be with you in the same team. Alex Karetin, being an experienced gamer and founder of Overgear, shares the advantages that he got from video games.

Play games or not to play that is a tough question. In our society, lots of stereotypes about gaming still exist. Here 5 things that you can learn from video games and not obvious advantages that can get there.

To begin with, people tend to talk about the cons of gaming while ignoring the pros. This is unfair because playing video games has its advantages.

Since 2008 I have been actively playing Warcraft. In this period I became the leader of the guild in Warcraft and the founder of the company Overgear, a worldwide gaming platform in reality. The connection between these two events is quite obvious to me.

Speaking about guilds, today playing Warcraft you can meet absolutely different people in a guild. There you have no boundaries not only in the geography but also in the status, professions. It does broaden your horizons.

There are many stereotypes about gamers, but they seem to be far from the truth. In the game, I learned how to understand people, and it is highly important for building a team, creating a motivational program, for example. In online games, there is constant communication with strangers. This experience can be easily converted into the format of cold calls at work.

Looking for new people to join a guild, you actually sell them your guild or community. This experience had a profound impact on the way of performing, communicating with investors.

How to sell, motivate, find common ground, and strategize is what I personally learned in Warcraft. Based on my familiar gamers’ experience I decided to share with you five advantages of gamers or what you can learn from video games.

1. Purposefulness

I believe that almost any gamer has more purposefulness because game developers try to impose on them a certain pattern of behavior and if one wants to succeed, they have to follow it. And this can be noticed in real life, when you have certain criteria, following which everything is more likely to be all right. People, who play games, have more aspirations and even ambitions.

2. Adaptability

As Covid-19 showed, gamers can quickly adapt to the new reality. It is much easier for them to organize their work from home. It does not cause any cognitive dissonance, as for those who are used to the fact that home is the place for having a rest, and the office is where they work. Moreover, they tend to be digital natives. So, their adaptation to the new reality is now much easier.

3. Sociability

Another important part of gaming is communication or sociability. It’s a stereotype that all gamers are nerds and afraid of any live communication. For sure, there is a number of gamers who have problems with offline communication, but in reality, most of them are even more sociable than other people. In games they have to form teams, negotiate, create a community.

Moreover, if we’re are talking about online communication, then let’s admit that gamers are brilliant at it.

4. English

Speaking about my own experience, in my school English was taught poorly. At that moment I was not very eager to learn any language and all attempts to make me learn English with a tutor failed. The problem wasn’t in tutor, I just didn’t enjoy this process and didn’t understand why I should do it.

Games became the key way to learn and practice English. There I just had to talk with other players. The language was a necessary tool to succeed in games. It results in the fact that I was highly motivated to learn and had a lot of time to practice.

5. Strategic thinking

Games develop strategic thinking, which subsequently helps to make optimal decisions in non-standard, critical situations, in team management.

Have you heard about the game “Civilization? It’s the game where you have no choice but to think strategically. There you always have limited resources but need to quickly grow, develop, make non-standard decisions. It sounds like a business, isn’t it?

Playing games can help you develop lots of skills. But you should remember about, let’s call it, game-life balance. Games can be a good way to relax, improve some skills, even to network. It’s only you who’ll choose how to use it.

Speaking about my experience, games have become not only a way to relax, a source of certain skills, but also my work. Knowing the gaming industry, seeing certain problems I decided to found my company called Overgear. Together with my cofounder, we created a worldwide gaming platform that allows gamers to buy and sell items and services in popular MMO games. Our mission is to help people enjoy the game to the full.

The world is changing and common trends show that gaming becomes an integral part of our life, use it wisely.

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