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All 5 Smite roles broken down

There’s a lot to digest when it comes to playing Smite. So we broke down all the 5 roles Smite has to offer.

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If you’ve played Smite recently, then you have probably noticed that there are currently 78 gods to choose from, with more coming. You’re also probably familiar with the different types of gods: Assassin, Warrior, Guardian, Hunter, and Mage. But these are not the roles we’ll be talking about, but the different roles in Smite’s premier gameplay mode, Conquest. Conquest is a 3-lane, 5v5, super hectic game mode that pits teams against each order with the ultimate goal of destroying to opponent’s Titan.

Any Smite player worth their weight plays Conquest, but it can be an intimidating mode to jump into if you’re not familiar with the mode. Veterans to the mode can be helpful, but generally speaking, it can be difficult to learn how to play Conquest from your teammates. Never fear, we’ve broken down each role to help prepare you for the craziness that is Conquest.

First, familiarize yourself with the lanes in Smite, you will need this knowledge in game. (Please note that Duo Lane is also referred to as “Long lane”)

Lanes of Smite


Considered the most difficult role by most Smite players, your Jungler will mainly hang out in, you guessed it, the jungle, the area between the lanes. Typically you’re Jungler will hang out in the jungle between the Middle lane and Solo lane. The Jungler’s job is clear the different camps located in the jungle and alert their teammates to cleared buff camps. To help him level up, the Jungler will also swing between Solo and Middle lane to help clear minions and gank the opposing team when applicable.

The Jungler should mainly stay out of PvP fights, however, until you get up to level 12 or so. While any role can play Jungle, you’ll mainly see Assassins such as Awilix, Fenrir, and Kali filling the role. Seeing the mage, Ao Kuang, in the jungle is also common.

Courtesy of Reddit

Courtesy of Reddit

Solo Lane

Solo lane, also known as the Short lane, bears it’s namesake in the fact that you will typically be by yourself on Solo lane. Your goal is to stay alive and farm minions, while keeping the enemy Solo lane character at bay by poking with attacks when you can. Once you get your level up to a respectable amount, you’ll start working with the Jungler to push back or eliminate the enemy in the Solo lane in order to start doing damage to their first tower.

Due to the fact that characters in the Solo lane have to survive, it’s typically filled by a Warrior god, but there is definitely some flexibility in the Solo lane. Good Solo lane gods include: Erlang Shen, Amaterasu, Bellona, and the mage, He Bo.

Mid Lane

Mid lane is another tough position to play. Your main goal is to outfarm your opposite and poke at them when it’s safe to do. Mid will also help the Jungler kill some of the camps, mainly the Mid Harpies. Players in the Mid lane also have to watch for ganks from both sides and for this reason Mid lane gods should invest in Wards to detect enemy movement. Once everyone gets their levels up, groups up, and towers begin to fall, the Mid lane god will do high damage from the back while the Warriors and Guardians keep them protected.

The Mid lane is typically filled by Mages, due to their area of effect attacks. Good mid lane gods include: Janus, Scylla, Zeus, and Chronos.

ADC (Attack, Damage, Carry) and Support

Your ADC and Support will run together in the Long lane, or Duo lane, hence the name. Teamwork is paramount here. Where there are four characters (two on each team) filling this lane, fights for minion XP will be constant. To make up for having to share the minions with their teammate, ADC and Support will also swing to the jungle adjacent to them occasionally to take out camps and get much needed XP and boosts. For ADC, you’re going to want to run someone from the Hunter class. By running a Hunter, you’ll be able to stay protected thanks to your Support god also in that lane. For Support, that position is typically held down by a Guardian god. Athena and Khepri make for excellent Support roles, and Hou Yi and Apollo are perfect for ADC.

So there you have it, the five roles of Smite broken down. While these are very general guidelines, they should help when it’s time for you to enter Conquest mode. It should also be noted that while these are the designated roles, things are prone to change mid match and you’ll need to have full field awareness. As teammates die and swinging from one lane to another may be required, and being able to adapt on the fly can be the difference between taking that L and earning that W.

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