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Anonymous is on the hunt for ISIS after declaring war

The international activist group Anonymous has declared “war” on ISIS, the extremist militant group.


Everyone’s favorite international activist group Anonymous is declaring war on ISIS, the extremist terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the vicious attacks in Paris over the weekend.

[pullquote position=”right”]“We will launch the biggest operation ever against you, expect massive cyber attacks.”[/pullquote]

The group uploaded a video to YouTube on Saturday in which a person wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, presumably someone representing Anonymous, claims that the group plans on hunting down members of ISIS, even going as far to say “we will find you, and we will not let you go.”

At this point, it’s unclear what Anonymous has up their sleeves. But if we were to guess, a wave of DDoS attacks sounds like the appropriate MO. Either that or a wave of social media hacks that could embarrass the extremist militant group.

The group’s video declaring war on ISIS has been viewed almost a million times on YouTube, showing no signs that it will slow down.

“The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger,” Anonymous said in its newest video.

Check out the video from Anonymous above or by clicking here.

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