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Artificial Intelligence and its role in digital marketing

With the advances of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming hot in the tech industry, being also applied to areas like digital marketing.


Guessing what individual customers want by researching large demographic populations is no longer a marketing trend. Now, some of the biggest tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are investing money in machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict what each of their customers wants – even before they know it.

With consumers getting more and more connected in several devices at all times of the day, there is now more data than ever available to collect and analyze. In fact, today’s marketers have more opportunities to analyze the content and data to offer campaigns that benefit not only the marketer but, most importantly, the consumer.

Marketers can better reach their audience through virtual assistants, who will learn a lot about customers. Integrating Artificial Intelligence into the virtual assistant will allow for intelligent insight while people browse and shop in their favorite applications – for example, the “related products” feature in mobile applications is a great opportunity for brands, where they will be able to aggregate and analyze how, when and which customer to reach by understanding their interests more accurately.

Frank is one of such assistants, however taking care of a new part of the customer interaction: advertising. Being connected to more than two million websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google, Frank is able to harness the power of AI in order to setup, optimize and crate multiple reports on ad campaigns.

With Frank, marketers have little to no work at all when putting an ad campaign in place. In fact, they just need to fill out some information about the campaign before launching it, and Frank takes care of everything else, including testing different aspects of the campaign and also tracking conversion. With the help of Frank, companies can maximize their ROI by investing their budget on campaigns that actually work, instead of spending them on initiatives that bring no results.

While Artificial Intelligence is still a growing and developing field of technology, the innovations it brings allow for more effective digital marketing strategies. With or without the help of digital assistants like Frank, marketers are now (and will be even more in the near future) capable of making more informed decisions and develop more accurate tactics of action, resulting in an overall improved efficiency for them and their businesses.

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