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Save big with BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 at Lowe’s Black Friday event

For a limited time, get the powerful BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 Battery Backup at just $2,299.00, saving a whopping $1,420.00.

An indoor setup of modular battery storage units stacked together with an inverter and control panels mounted on a wall, all interconnected by cables.

The much-anticipated Lowe’s Black Friday deals have arrived, and if you’re in the market for unbeatable power solutions, BLUETTI has you covered. Dive into exclusive deals that bring forth a new era of energy resilience.

BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 battery backup: Now only $2,299.00 (original price $3,719.00)

Unleash the BLUETTI power advantage at an unbeatable price. For a limited time, get the powerful AC300 + 1*B300 Battery Backup at just $2,299.00, saving a whopping $1,420.00.

This is your chance to secure the ultimate home power solution without breaking the bank.

Why BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 shines on Lowe’s Black Friday

A bluetti portable power station with various outlets and a display screen, branded bluetti, sits on grass with a blurred background of bushes.

Power and precision

BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 delivers a whopping 3,000W of pure sine wave inverter power, ensuring a seamless and stable energy supply for your essential appliances. The 6,000W surge capability guarantees a surge of power when you need it most.

Expandable capacity

With a robust 3,072Wh capacity, the BLUETTI system is not just a generator; it’s an energy fortress. Expand your power horizons by adding up to 4 B300 battery modules, reaching an impressive 12,288Wh for extended power needs during emergencies.

Three stacked portable power stations against a purple background. Top has a display and multiple outlets, bottom two are battery modules, all branded 'bluetti'.

Reliable LiFePO4 battery

Powered by a LiFePO4 battery, this system boasts over 3,500 life cycles, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. With an 80% discharge capability, BLUETTI stands as a reliable guardian during prolonged outages.

Fast and flexible charging

5,400W blazing input rate for quicker charging, combining solar and AC input. 7 ways to recharge, including AC, solar, car, generator, and more.

240V split phase bonding

Take control with 240V split-phase bonding. Combine two AC300 units and two B300 battery modules for a robust 240V/6,000W output, offering unmatched power flexibility.

Versatile output options

The image displays features of a bluetti portable power station: capacity, fast recharge, modular design, battery longevity, ups function, smart control, and voltage options.
Image: KnowTechie

6 x 120V/20A outlets, 1 x 120V/30A TT-30, 3,000W total output. USB-C, USB-A, DC outlets, and a wireless charging pad for diverse device compatibility.

What users are saying

Practical applications and versatility:

Home backup solutions

Ensure uninterrupted power for your home during outages, keeping your essential appliances running smoothly.

Outdoor adventures

Elevate your outdoor fun with BLUETTI! With the powerful AC300 and B300, stay connected and charged during lively gatherings. Whether it’s speakers, grills, or multiple devices, BLUETTI ensures uninterrupted energy for seamless outdoor entertainment.

Emergency preparedness

Be prepared for any emergency with reliable power solutions that power medical equipment, lighting and communication tools, refrigerators, washing machines, and other high-power appliances.

Reliable power solution that can power medical devices, lights, and communication tools.

Shopping tips for BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300

The image shows a modern lineup of household appliances, including a washing machine, stove, refrigerator, and other electrical devices, on a reflective surface. Bluetti
  • Assess your power needs: Evaluate your home’s power requirements to determine the right capacity for your BLUETTI system.
  • Consider future expansion: Think about potential future needs. The modular design allows for easy expansion with additional B300 battery modules.
  • Explore accessories: Enhance your BLUETTI experience with compatible accessories such as solar panels for eco-friendly charging.

Don’t Miss Out – Power Up Your Black Friday with BLUETTI at Lowe’s!

Visit Lowe’s online to seize the exclusive Black Friday deals on BLUETTI AC300 + 1*B300 Battery Backup. Elevate your power solutions with BLUETTI – where reliability meets innovation.

Grab the deal at Lowe’s

Offers are valid during Lowe’s Black Friday sale, 2023.11.17-2023.11.27. Availability may vary. Check in Lowe’s online for details.

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