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Companion is an app that keeps you company while walking late at night

Looking for someone to keep you safe while walking home late at night? Companion improves public safety and provides peace of mind to anyone on the move.

Companion App

If you feel uncomfortable walking alone at night, a new app called Companion wants to offer you peace of mind by being there every step of the way.

Companion is an app that you use when you don’t want to walk alone, say at night, for example. Punch in your destination and pull up one of your friends from your contacts to be your “companion.” From there, your walking buddy has a visual map of your location in real-time. If they see you divert from your route, they can shoot you a quick call to see if everything is alright. Companion’s don’t even need the app installed to watch over you.

Companion App

If you’re the one walking and feel like a threat is right around the corner, tap on the “I’m feeling nervous” button and a call to your local police station is made on your behalf. If everything turns out alright, just tap “I’m OK” and continue back on your route.

Here’s some of the other key features via Companions Co-Founder, Jake Wayne, on a recent Product Hunt post:

  • Nervous button: Help the community identify sketchy areas. We’ll make sure to pass this info on to public safety to make your next walk home even safer.
  • Automatic emergency detection: If you start running, fall down, or have your headphones yanked out during a trip, we’ll reach out and make sure you’re safe.
  • Alert mode: If necessary, transform your phone into a personal alarm system that can scare away the bad guys

Companion is available on iOS and Android. To learn more, watch the video above or by visiting Companion’s homepage here.

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