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Motion Stills – Google’s latest iOS app that transforms Live Photos into GIFs

Google just one upped Apple with Motion Stills, an app that turns Live Photos into high-quality GIFs.

Motion Stills App

GIFs have become the standard for so many people who want to do more than just send a simple photograph. It’s why Google created Motion Stills, a new app for iOS that takes Apple’s Live Photos and transforms them into looping animations that are smooth and fun to watch.

All you need to do is capture live video to your iPhone and Motion Still will find the right starting and end points to create a loop. It will even separate the background from the foreground so that it doesn’t look off-kilter.

The app will generate either GIFs or movie montages from the video you put into it. Once completed you can share it on social media and even look at other people’s creations. The quality of the app is considerable when compared to the Boomerang Looping Image Tool that is found on Instagram.

The app uses the same image stabilization methods that create animations from photo bursts. However, since it can be done on your mobile device it does not require any support from data centers on the Cloud. While this is still an experiment, it’s easy to see that if successful that Motions Still will spread to places like Google Photos where it can access a large audience.

Right now, you can access Motion Stills for free from the App Store. If you like making GIFs, the Motion Stills might be perfect for you.

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