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Enhancing soundscapes with the Petastream S20 speaker

Transform your audio experience with Petastream S20 Multi-room Speaker.

Petastream S20 on table
Image: Petastream

Experience the transformative power of sound with the Petastream S20 multi-room speaker.

Sound’s ability to evoke emotions, paint images, and foster connections takes center stage in this groundbreaking technology designed to elevate your auditory senses and redefine your audio experiences.

The Petastream S20 stands out as a beacon of innovation and simplicity in the crowded world of audio devices.

Seamlessly blending high-quality sound with user-friendly operations, this speaker enriches your living space with immersive audio, turning ordinary listening moments into unforgettable journeys.

The Petastream S20 speaker is currently featured on an Indiegogo campaign, offering enticing early bird rewards and discounts.

Join us as we explore the features, performance, and functionality of the Petastream S20, unlocking the full potential of this remarkable audio companion.

So, what is the Petastream S20?

S20 App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker

The Petastream S20 is a versatile multi-room wireless speaker offering clear sound quality and ease of use. It supports app-free operation, Bluetooth connectivity, and can link multiple units for synchronized audio in various rooms.

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The Petastream S20 is a wireless multi-room speaker. It’s designed to play high-quality sound throughout your home without needing multiple apps or dealing with wires.

You can easily connect it to other speakers for sound in every room and even use it as an intercom. It sets up easily with Bluetooth and is built to make listening to music simpler and more enjoyable.

Key features

Petastream S20 multi room speaker
Image: Petastream

App free control

No need for numerous apps juggling, no more forgetting which operation belongs where. The Petastream S20 multi-room speaker. has simplified speaker operations to a level where an app is no longer a requirement.

This approach is a refreshing change that eliminates complications linked with app navigation, enhancing user-friendliness dramatically. Just connect, and you’re ready to go!

Wireless connectivity

woman connecting wirelessly to the Petastream s20
Image: Petastream

Bid farewell to the headache of dealing with tangled wires as the S20 prioritizes convenience through its seamless wireless connection.

Effortlessly place the speaker wherever you desire and relocate it with ease, enjoying a cleaner, more organized setup for an enhanced user experience in your preferred space.

Multi-room functionality

Petastream S20 on a shelf
Image: Petastream

The S20’s multi-room feature makes it super cool by connecting to many speakers and filling your house with awesome sound.

No matter how big your place is, the S20 makes sure great audio reaches every corner, giving you a cool home theater vibe.

Even better, the S20 can link up to five speakers without needing the internet. This is handy when the internet isn’t that great, ensuring you get top-notch audio without interruptions. And guess what?

The S20 isn’t just a speaker; it can also work like an intercom, letting you chat through three channels.

This mix of speaker and intercom stuff is perfect for smooth audio and talks in big areas or across different rooms.

Bluetooth accessibility

Petastream S20 speaker on a tablle with a person connecting to it.
Image: Petastream

Bluetooth, typically a regular feature in speakers, takes on added importance when it comes to the S20. This speaker isn’t just your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth device; it’s designed for ease of use and convenience.

With Bluetooth 5.0 capability, connecting the S20 to your devices is a breeze, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Setting it up is straightforward, with no complex network hurdles. Plug it in, press a button to connect via Bluetooth, and you’re good to go!

Turn any area into a home theater, dancefloor, or elevate commercial settings effortlessly by connecting up to five speakers using transmitter and receiver modes.

Forget the stress and cost of managing multiple audio sources and professional setups. The S20 keeps it simple with one-click functionality using its easy-to-use physical buttons.

Plus, enjoy the flexibility of connecting via an aux cable for even more convenience.


Petastream S20 speakers on a shelf next to a tv while a man watching the football game.
Image: Petastream

Performance is the true test of any device, deciding between a good and a great product. And in this arena, the Petastream S20 excels.

With the promise of delivering superior sound throughout your living space, the S20 does not disappoint. Further amplifying the performance is the S20’s impressive compatibility with multiple other speakers.

Its ability to connect to five speakers simultaneously is a testament to the S20’s power and reach.

Coupled with its lack of reliance on internet connectivity for this function, the S20 proves its design is finely tuned to prioritize user convenience and enhance performance metrics.

The Petastream S20 is armed with two full-range drivers and boasts integrated dual 15W speakers, ensuring the production of clear, well-balanced stereo sound with minimal distortion.

Crafted by audio professionals, the Petastream S20 ensures high-fidelity sound quality at all volumes through its meticulously tuned audio EQ.

With the flexibility to switch between left, right, and stereo channels, this speaker offers an immersive experience, allowing you to savor the unique sounds of different rhythms and vocals.

Who is the Petastream S20 for?

With a mixed bag of features catering to various user needs, the S20 presents a universal appeal. Those passionate about enhancing their audio experiences would appreciate the S20’s high-quality sound output.

Similarly, users seeking straightforward, uncomplicated devices will find the speaker’s user-friendly design appealing.

Furthermore, homeowners wanting to orchestrate a home theater environment can leverage the S20’s multi-room functionality.

The S20’s features also particularly benefit those organizing home-based events, as the speaker provides far-reaching, resonating sound.

Final thoughts

Petastream S20 on bookshelf
Image: Petastream

Change can be demanding, but the Petastream S20 makes transitioning into superior audio experiences a breeze with its user-friendly, high-performing offering.

A harmonious blend of innovative features, sublime performance, and appealing price makes the S20 a must-have device for those passionate about quality sound.

Dive into enriched audio, feel the intensity of sound, and let the Petastream S20 Multi-room speaker intensify your auditory senses.

Owning the S20 isn’t merely an opportunity; it’s an invitation to venture into unparalleled auditory landscapes.

The Petastream S20, an App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker, is currently listed at $249 on Indiegogo, but you can enjoy early bird discounts that can bring it down to $199.

S20 App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker

The Petastream S20 is a versatile multi-room wireless speaker offering clear sound quality and ease of use. It supports app-free operation, Bluetooth connectivity, and can link multiple units for synchronized audio in various rooms.

What We Like:
  • App-free operation simplifies usage and setup.
  • Enables synchronized sound across multiple rooms wirelessly.
  • Doubles as an intercom for added home functionality.
KnowTechie is supported by its audience, so if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the sale.

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1 Comment

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    March 11, 2024 at 7:36 pm

    This brand does NOT use SKAA technology and is in no way associated with SKAA nor Soundboks. They are using the trademarks and language of respectable brands to build their campaign illegally.

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