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Enhancing network operations through server colocation

Let’s take a look at how colocation works and how it can improve your business.

Data center with servers on both ends of the room.
Image: TRG Datacenters

Often referred to as colo, colocation is housing different private servers and networking equipment in one third-party data center.

Instead of managing an in-house server room, most organizations use colocation for a professionally maintained environment.

In this article, we will discuss how colocation works and how it enhances operations in a business.

Enhanced reliability

students on a computer course
Image: Unsplash

There is nothing as disappointing as experiencing downtime for an organization. Downtime greatly impacts the customers and the perception of your business.

Due to this, they may abandon carts and terminate their interest in your business if they cannot access particular services or products.

Remember that the kind of experience they have on your website determines whether or not they make return visits.

With managed colocation, you eliminate the risk that comes with a single point of failure. It ensures reliability and 99.9% uptime for your physical backup.

Even better, it offers your business high-performance access to clouds and networks and other services you may need.

Improved scalability

The digital age has come with a load of benefits to online businesses. While you are more likely to enjoy high sales, there are times when you will experience fluctuating demands for network resources.

You may need to acquire different facilities with other servers to cater to the differences.

Using colocation, your business enjoys convenient scalability without requiring extensive capital investments in infrastructure.

The network engineers will seamlessly scale up or down depending on the evolving requirements.

Better security

Security eCommerce using Colocation
Image: Pexels

Data security is a huge element in the online realm. Colocation centers are designed with this in mind as they employ extensive measures to safeguard your organization’s data.

Some of the elements they use are advanced surveillance systems and biometric access controls for sensitive hardware and software.

Your selected colocation provider is solely responsible for implementing various security measures at the facility. This includes physical, environmental, and operational practices.

Depending on the vendor, you may also receive managed security services, compliance assistance, and backup and recovery solutions. These services ensure that your data is safe from unauthorized third parties.

Cost savings

Managing your data center facilities can be costly. There is a litany of expenses, including the cost of ownership, infrastructure costs, and energy bills. As the owner, you must also cover maintenance costs and staffing.

Additionally, constant worry over the data center’s safety can damage new businesses. With colocation, you save money and focus your energy on growing other core areas of the business.

It is a worthwhile investment. Shifting to colocation services significantly reduces all these costs. Since you will share these costs with other businesses, it is an economical choice for start-ups.

Improved connectivity

residential internet connection
Image: Unsplash

In a highly interconnected world, connectivity has to be the most important thing.

With colocation services, your organization has access to a network-rich environment, as most data centers house different carriers and ISPs.

This exposes you to an excellent range of connectivity options, which allows for enhanced bandwidth, lower latency, and higher resilience. It is your getaway card for thriving in the competitive world of business.

As you can see, managed colocation services benefit your business. It ensures that your organization is reliable, safe, and optimally functioning.

However, you must partner with the ideal partner to fully leverage these. Remember that the colocation vendor you choose directly impacts your business operations. Choose wisely and enjoy all the benefits!

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