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EssayGPT Review: The Most Comprehensive AI Essay Writing Solution

Let’s explore EssayGpt’s impressive capabilities and how it revolutionizes essay writing through its suite of easy-to-use AI tools.

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As academic workloads grow heavier, the need for writing assistance has never been greater. While previous AI essay tools only automated draft creation, EssayGPT is different.

It offers a fully holistic solution through its innovative suite of tools.

This guide will explore EssayGPT’s impressive capabilities and features and how they revolutionize the essay writing experience. Read on!

What is EssayGPT?

EssayGPT homepage
Image: EssayGPT

EssayGPT is a cutting-edge AI platform that offers a suite of AI essay tools designed to enhance the essay writing experience.

This includes Generator, Writer, and ScholarChat, catering to users’ diverse needs, from generating high-quality essays and conducting in-depth research to editing and polishing their written works. 

Now, let’s dive into each tool’s capabilities!

Generator (AI essay generator)

Generator Essay writer homepage
Image: Generator

EssayGPT’s Generator allows users to create high-quality, plagiarism-free essays step-by-step effortlessly. 

The process begins by simply inputting the desired essay topic and any specific keywords or details. You can either let the tool directly generate the essay or opt for more detailed customization.

This could include picking headings, configuring the essay’s outline, and more.

Once everything is ready, Generator taps into its vast knowledge base and advanced natural language processing techniques to generate a comprehensive and well-structured final draft.

Users can save valuable time and effort, confident in the knowledge that their essays will be coherent, well-organized, and thoughtfully presented.

Writer (Workspace for writing and editing essays)

EssayGPT generator
Image: EssayGPT

EssayGPT’s Writer offers users an integrated environment to refine their content, structure, and style.

Its research mode sets it apart. It allows users to effortlessly find relevant publications and citations to include in their essays. 

In addition, Writer simplifies the process of incorporating citations by automatically generating in-text citations in various styles such as APA, MLA, or Chicago.

This helps users maintain academic integrity and adhere to proper citation practices effortlessly.

Furthermore, the tool provides an exceptional autocomplete feature. It offers suggestions and predictive text as users type, helping to speed up the writing process and provide inspiration.

Users can effortlessly find the right words, phrases, and expressions to articulate their ideas effectively.

And that’s not all. Users can activate a prompt bar with many options by typing “//” in the document.

This includes creating outlines, brainstorming ideas, shortening or expanding content, rewriting sections, and more. 

Finally, users can conveniently check their essays for any potential instances of plagiarism or grammar mistakes, ensuring the integrity and quality of their work. 

ScholarChat (AI research assistant chatbot)

Scholar chat app
Image: Scholar Chat

ScholarChat boasts access to an extensive database of over 200 million papers, enabling users to ask questions and receive science-based answers backed by credible research. 

This invaluable tool enhances the research process by providing users with accurate and reliable information to strengthen their arguments. 

Whether it’s seeking evidence or clarifying complex concepts, ScholarChat empowers users with the knowledge needed to produce well-informed and compelling essays.

More advantages of using EssayGPT

Plagiarism-free essay writing

EssayGPT guarantees to produce plagiarism-free essays. The AI algorithms and extensive training behind EssayGPT ensure that the generated content is original and unique. 

This gives students, academics, and professionals confidence in submitting their work without the risk of being flagged for academic dishonesty.

Support various essay types

EssayGPT can accommodate various types of essays.

Whether it’s a persuasive essay, argumentative essay, research paper, literary analysis, or any other type, EssayGPT’s AI essay tools can help generate content that aligns with each type’s specific requirements.

Multilingual capabilities

With EssayGPT, you can generate and write essays in 50+ languages. This feature benefits students, academics, and professionals who are non-native English speakers or are required to write in languages other than English. 

In-text citations

EssayGPT’s AI essay tools also provide in-text citation support, allowing users to reference and cite sources within their essays properly. 

The tool creates in-text citations in APA, MLA, Chicago, or other citation styles, allowing users to confidently incorporate external sources, strengthen their arguments, and acknowledge the work of other scholars.

Comprehensive research support

EssayGPT empowers users to conduct thorough research, strengthen their arguments with reliable sources, and ensure the accuracy and validity of their essays.

This advantage simplifies the information-gathering process and contributes to the overall quality and academic rigor of the written work produced using EssayGPT.

Who can benefit from EssayGPT?

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The comprehensive range of features EssayGPT provides makes it an exceptional tool for students, academics, and professionals.


  • Save time and effort in generating essay drafts to manage busy schedules.
  • Automatically add citations and bibliographies in essays and scholarly papers.
  • Access 24/7 research help from ScholarChat for complex topics. 


  • Advise students globally by utilizing an always-on research assistant like ScholarChat.
  • Generate sample essays to use as teaching materials or for discussion in the classroom.


  • Efficiently craft high-quality materials such as journal articles and literature reviews.
  • Find and incorporate relevant citations with ease.


  • Conduct in-depth research by accessing decades of studies.
  • Get fresh perspectives to aid in exploring new research directions.

How to use EssayGPT?

how to use EssayGPT
Image: EssayGPT

Visit the EssayGPT platform and choose the AI essay tool that aligns with your specific needs. Options may include Generator, Writer, or ScholarChat.

For Generator

  1. Input essay topic and keyword.
  2. Customize settings if needed (word count, language option, etc).
  3. Choose or customize the title and outline.
  4. Let the generator create a draft.
  5. Review and refine the generated content.

For Writer

  1. Import or create an essay document.
  2. Enhance style, structure, and format.
  3. Utilize research mode for publications and citations.
  4. Add citations with an automatic in-text feature.
  5. Revise and finalize the essay.

For ScholarChat

  1. Ask research questions or seek clarifications.
  2. Receive science-based answers from the extensive database.

Apart from its core platform, EssayGPT also has GPTs for users to explore its tool. In addition to the GPT models, it has launched a free tool to grant users increased accessibility to the features and capabilities offered by EssayGPT by visiting essaygpt.io.  

Final thoughts

In summary, EssayGPT is an innovative AI platform that offers a suite of powerful essay tools.

With its impressive features, EssayGPT revolutionizes the essay writing experience, saving time, improving research rigor, and facilitating the creation of outstanding essays.

It’s your chance to make essay writing a breeze with EssayGPT!

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