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Facebook updates: how to look better-than-real in a world of fake

Some people take Facebook too seriously. Going as far as making up statuses to get people to like their updates. This video shows how far you can take it!



Some people live through Facebook. Of course, that means their lives are boring, so they use Facebook as a platform to augment reality. Memes caught on – whether it be the “caught me sleeping/bae caught me slippin” or eating money. People are desperate to look better-than-real in a world of fake.

Here’s a video that illustrates the phenomenon of augmenting reality into ego-boosting status updates. For example:

True Life

Scott is presenting at a meeting. Unfortunately it’s dry, dull, and drawn out…


Facebook Life

Scott’s interpretation of the meeting: 

status update


Ah yes, pure satisfaction…

facebook like

Check out the video for yourself. Seriously funny!

H/T The Next Web


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