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Facebook’s new Android app ‘Hello’ is Caller ID on steroids

Hello connects with Facebook so you can see who’s calling, block unwanted calls and search for people and places.

Facebook Hello

Looks like Facebook is trying to invade your phone again, well at least those of you with Android phones. The company recently launched Hello, an app that replaces the default dialer on Android phones.

Hello essentially makes your Android smartphone, well, smarter.

How many times have you received a call from some rando and had no clue who it was? The app is able to tell you information about whoever is calling, even if you don’t have that contact stored in your phone. Since it’s closely integrated into Facebook’s platform, all of your contacts info is updated regularly whenever it’s updated on Facebook. Meaning you’ll always get the latest profile pics and birthday info on hand.

Image courtesy of Facebook Newsroom

The app even allows you to send messages and calls via it’s Messenger app instead of having to use your cellular connection, which is something I could see a lot of people utilizing.

One of the features that popped out at me the most is the ability to block calls from numbers that have been blocked by other people. So if you’re a target of the occasional spam call, they’ll just automatically get sent to voicemail.

The app is now available for download on the Google Play Store. For more information about Hello, check out their announcement here.

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