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Giphy just launched a keyboard app for iOS called Giphy Keys

Stop sending countless minutes searching for the perfect GIF, instead utilize Giphy’s new iOS keyboard app: Giphy Keys.

Giphy keys

We all love a good GIF, but unfortunately, finding the right one from an app and sending it to a friend from your phone can be a little complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, Giphy has a solution to this mess and it’s called Giphy Keys, a GIF keyboard for your iOS device.

The app works like any other third-party keyboard. Tap the little globe icon (as you would for emoji) and search for your desired GIF. If you’re feeling frisky, you can also choose from a trending section. Once your GIF is selected, it’s automatically copied to your clipboard. From here all users have to do is paste the GIF and hit send. Simple as that.

But wait, there’s more!

Here are some more features broken down by TechCrunch:

Giphy Keys has a scrollable section for emotions/reactions with options like “SMH,” “applause” and “eye roll.” There is also a section with categories like animals and food.

Giphy Keys has built an 8ball section that lets you animate any words you send by simply typing them in to the “Echo” tap. Plus, you can click on the 8ball and Giphy Keys will let you ask any question (tagged appropriately with an 8ball emoji), which will automatically offer up an answer to that question.

If you’re someone who blasts out GIF’s on a daily basis, then you’ll see the true value here. Instead of it taking you a minute to send a GIF, this new keyboard from Giphy will get it done in under 10-seconds. Either way, it sure beats heading over to Google search to find a GIF. To learn more about Giphy Keys, click here.

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