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Heficed for your customized bare metal solution

The benefits list from bare metal servers is endless. However, the way Heficed has been implementing bare metal solutions can claim to be the best solution provider to date.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, our opinions, reviews, and other editorial content are not influenced by the sponsorship and remain objective.

For your company, a sturdy integral network is a must, not an option, as your business or company’s growth needs various assistance. Having a dedicated server with gaining integral and optimal solutions is one of them.

Bare metal servers have the best characteristics in providing you with a smooth network while keeping the business secured. Because all you have here is to keep the data confidential enough by handling an individual tenant, that’s how smooth growth is possible for your business infrastructure through this server.

Heficed comes across this path with its bare metal solutions enablement. Let’s dig deep to find out the details of Heficed more.

Bare metal solutions of Heficed

For deploying IPv4 on a massive scale, Heficed is here for your business network. What an IPv4 or the other type is, we will talk about it later. But first, let you know that Its deployment infrastructure holds scaling your global executions through an individual stage.

Besides, it allows you to choose subnets, cloud-based servers, and most importantly, bare-metal servers. Let’s find out what activities it holds for bare-metal solutions.

Usages of Bare metal or dedicated server

A question may arise in your head regarding the dedicated or bare metal server’s efficiency and usefulness. Well, there are endless possibilities for it. But how?

First, these servers can host web pages, internet applications. From big data, virtual games to artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., it brings efficiency. For the nature of open-source solutions, many professionals across the world have implemented this server module.

About IPv4 & IPv6

As we know the Internet protocol as an IP address, it is a label of numeric digits. So, what benefits come with it? Well, this numerical pattern or symbol brings your device enabled with a network.

So, before starting any browse or connection, it has significant value. Do you know how many types it holds? There are two significant varieties of IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6.

The main difference between them is the bit counting of 32 and 128 bits, respectively. IPv4 was first introduced in 1983. Shortly, it got much traffic and became famous.

As a result, it is still the most popular IP address type in the whole network as it holds almost 93% of network traffic. So, the question is how IPv6 came to this scenario. As internet addresses are growing on a massive scale daily, these require much faster and specific IP types. So, IPv6 was introduced later in bringing some convenience.

Proto Compute

Proto stands for origin or fundamental. Heficed has come with this bare metal solution, which is entirely customizable. Besides, it can make the users comfortable by building servers of their requirements in a cost-effective manner.

So, this stable and secured bare metal solution can offer you an individual tenant. As a result, you have much freedom in making decisions or bringing any changes. There is no need to stick to a traditional approach.

You will feel thankful to Heficed as its infrastructure stacking is highly elegant and secured. It can build linkage with blacklisting free IPs to you. So, you have premium access for visiting their global-known Internet protocol market.

Top features

●     Ten minutes outlay

●     Global locations worldwide

●     Single tenant

●     Custom-made configuration

So, start your journey with Heficed by submitting the orders. They will reach out shortly to provide excellent services to control your reliable server. The activities are completed through terminal & public generated API.

Apart from integrating & strengthening the bare metal solution, it also looks back on your virtual base workflow. All in sum, it’s a stunning platform for your bare metal servers.

Kronos Cloud

A virtual bare metal solution named Kronos cloud has reshaped the paths of operating systems. Also, a customizable & automated configuration, servicing server, etc., are the top priorities.

Top features

●     Higher scalability

●     Software allocated storehouse

●     IPv6 enabled.

●     KVM virtualization

●     Full root accessing

Besides, you will have the free IP addresses along with a blacklist free. So, the sturdy and good strength addresses you can explore there. Kronos cloud has been optimized with a KVM hypervisor that is an open-source platform.

Exploring Kronos Cloud Server

There are tons of people who dedicatedly are searching for a reliable virtual cloud server. Investors also cannot put trust in these on a global scale. In this scenario, you must need to know what Heficed has brought up for you.

The Kronos cloud users from this company have got enormous benefits. They can nicely manage, execute, and deploy their cloud servers. Several IP addresses bring much comfort.

The virtual bare metal solution has got the major drawback of having limitations in this physical world. But Kronos cloud service allows you to have an increasing manner of bare metal. It motivates people to use it for feasible targets.

Kronos cloud has the most significant allure of having KVM virtualization. Besides, it comes with automatic controlling and goes up to 2048 IPs. Full root accessing is a superb service from Kronos.


Having a faster browsing time is a massive advantage for a perfect bare metal server solution. You will get proper supervision in massive traffic claws. As every professional wants their service faster and efficiently, you will have these within a frequent time.

Kronos cloud is highly suitable for handling a large chunk of volumes and super velocity-based information gathering. Besides, it allows you were continuing the critical executions while having no interruptions. So, you can have it for your exclusive usage of bare metal servers. While gaining an optimal, superior performance, it can enhance your resources too.

Final Words.

The benefits list from bare metal servers is endless. However, the way Heficed has been implementing bare metal solutions can claim to be the best solution provider to date. As they correctly handle client’s customizable configurations, it starts the connection between them with reliability.

Another benefit of betting on a dedicated server is that you get a better level of control over it. The client oversees the machine’s configuration up to the administration of each of its data. Besides, security concern is a crucial component of Heficed in client management.

In summary, these traits have set this company up to the mark. Advanced levels of installment bring you the best professional network through bare-metal solutions.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, our opinions, reviews, and other editorial content are not influenced by the sponsorship and remain objective.

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