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Here’s 5 resources to help you become a certified Hadoop developer

Looking to become a certified Hadoop developer? These 5 resources should place you on the right track.

Hadoop Developer

Looking to become a certified Hadoop developer? These 5 resources should place you on the right track.

Big data is becoming a success in the world where massive data is dealt with every day. They acquire professionals who can prove their mastery with the tools and techniques of the Hadoop Stacks. However, experts have predicted a major shortage of advanced analytic skills in the near future.

If you check out this year’s Fortune 100 report, you will be amazed to find out that 65% percent of the companies are using big data to drive their business. Imagine how importance is Hadoop and Big Data will receive in next couple of years.

Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework, written in Java that is used for dealing with large amounts of data which is either structured or unstructured. To receive a certification for becoming a Hadoop Developer is not that easy, as only a handful of institutes are available that offer you a verified certificate that has some value.

Here is a list of all the online institutes across the world where they offer you the best training in Hadoop:



Cloudera University offers you the course of Hadoop Development from the world’s leading experts. Since this course is designed for engineers and developers who have programming experience. Apache and Hadoop are the examples and hands-on exercises are presented in 2 different languages: Python and Scala, so the ability to program in any one of the languages is required.

They have virtual classes available in the United States and nearly half of the world. It’s 4 days training that starts on different days with different batches for $3,195 for 4 days.



Zeolearn is another online institute that provides a training course comprising of both Big Data and Hadoop developer. Their online training classes are live and led by a highly qualified instructor. 30 hours of hands-on training sessions, costing $599 for the entire classes. All you have to do in select a date and enroll yourself. They prefer you to have some knowledge in programming languages related to the course like; Java, SQL, UNIX or DBMS. They provide you with daily notes and videos for a better understanding of the concepts.  



Learn the basic plus the advanced study here at Udemy to become a Hadoop developer. Be a part of Udemy and receive the verified certificate and they offer a job with higher pay in current times. The academy is an online learning marketplace across the world, where 10 million+ students are taking courses in everything from programming to yoga to photography and much more. Every course is available on-demand, so students can learn at their own pace, on their own time and on any device.

The Hadoop development training course has 49 lectures and videos of 5 hours are provided to you. It’s not even that expensive, just for $20 you can become an expert Hadoop developer.



Simplilearn, the world’s largest professional certification company. They work with different companies and working professionals to address their unique learning needs.

Hadoop and Big Data certification training from Simplilearn were designed to ensure, you are completely ready to take up an assignment in Big Data. This course teaches you not only the essential skills of Hadoop 2.7 but also gives a work experience in Big Data via implementation of real-time industry projects. The course is for 3 months taught by skilled instructors. There are 2 packages available for you, one is “Self-Paced Learning” costing $199, and it is for 180 days with unlimited access to self-paced learning. Another is “Online Classroom Flexi-Pass” costing $599, it is also for 180 days but with unlimited access to all the batches for 90 days.

These were the top most preferred institute that is considered globally are mentioned above. Their certifications have a value and is approved by every company in the industry.

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