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Hider 2 encrypts and hides files quickly and easy on your Mac

Hider 2 gives you the ability to hide and encrypt data on your Mac. It’s super-simple to use and it’s insanely secure.

Hider 2 gives you the ability to hide and encrypt data on your Mac. It’s super-simple to use and it’s insanely secure.

Security is the number one concern for businesses and individuals protecting their computer files. The issue with many encryption programs is that they can be difficult to use, hard to understand, or worse, mislead you into believing that your files are fully protected.

For those who use Macs, there is a new program designed to encrypt and hide your files called Hider 2 which offers a simple, intuitive program to use.

What is Hider 2?

hider 2 screenshot

Image: MacPaw

Hider 2 is a simple, yet powerful program that encrypts and hides your data from easy discovery. It works with all types of files and the AES-256 encryption program lets you protect them with the utmost security.

[pullquote position=”right”]Hider 2 ensures that hackers will have a difficult time even finding the files that you have encrypted[/pullquote]

Furthermore, the program hides your files in the Mac so they cannot be easily discovered. While you will have no trouble retrieving the data, Hider 2 ensures that hackers will have a difficult time even finding the files that you have encrypted. Plus, if they do ever discover them, the encryption program makes it nearly impossible for them to unlock the data.

How It Works

hider 2

Image: MacUpdate

First, the date is encrypted using the powerful AES-256 program that offers the best in security so that your files remain safe. Then, the data can only be unlocked with your password, ensuring that no one gets into the data or app without knowing your password which provides an additional layer of protection.

Finally, the data itself is stored in a system outside of your Mac so that if a hacker somehow reaches into your computer, they cannot find the data because it is stored in an outside system that is totally disconnected. Hider 2 is based on the simple premise that data which cannot be found is data that hackers will never find since they will be unaware of its presence.



Image: Screenshot

There are several advantages to using the Hider 2 program starting with its organizational program that lets you keep track and hide files easily. Because of this organization, you don’t have to worry about losing the files that you have encrypted, it will all be right there for you.

Group Information: You can create specific groups where the data will be stored and retrieved so that you will never lose them.

Hide Folders: The Hider 2 allows you to hide entire folders, not just the individual files which is a great time-saver. With this program, you can encrypt folders that contain the files you want to hide all at once.

Finding Information: If you use finder tags, it is compatible with the Hider 2 so you can easily locate files and folders which you have encrypted and hidden in the system.

Hider 2 Macpaw

Image: TheMacBeginners

There are also in-app notes that let you write down phone numbers, passwords, and other important information you want to protect and encrypt them within the system. That way, you can find what you need quickly and not worry about having the information discovered.

Overall, the Hider 2 is a simple, intuitive program for the Mac that allows you to encrypt and hide individual files and folders so that your private information stays private.

Hider 2 is free to download but it comes with limited capabilities, but $20 unlocks the full version, which is totally worth it if you ask us.

Hider 2

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