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How this crypto wallet stands out from the competition

Estonian blockchain startup OWNR Wallet OU certainly seems to be getting a lot of attention. Let’s see what makes it different.

Bitcoin Wallet

In Q2 2020, the number of hot crypto wallet users has reached over 50.7 million – almost doubling over the period of only two years. Unsurprisingly, plenty of tech startups have come forward to meet this growing demand, and now CryptoCompare lists a total of almost 238 crypto wallet apps.

It may seem impossible for anyone of these crypto wallets to stand out from the crowd. At the end of the day, they all fulfill the same basic function of enabling users to conveniently manage their crypto assets. However, a relatively recent entry from the Estonian blockchain startup OWNR Wallet OU certainly seems to be getting a lot of attention. Let’s see what makes it different.

Non-custodial ease of use

Specific requirements and expectations may vary between individual users, but there are two things that both complete novices and experienced blockchain pros appreciate: increased security and ease of use.

Typically, these two attributes don’t exactly go together in hot crypto wallets. Most wallets with a UI simple enough to be suitable for beginners are custodial – meaning that private keys are being stored by a third-party, in a broker-like service.

Superior levels of security come from a wallet being non-custodial: that is, giving the user full control over their private keys. In the vast majority of cases, this improved safety also means a more complex interface and a less user-friendly UI.

OWNR Wallet, meanwhile, is one of the very few crypto wallets to have successfully combined these two features. Despite being non-custodial, it is intuitive and easy enough to use even by complete beginners – all while offering complex functionality to satisfy even a pro user.

Multi-asset support

Most crypto wallets support up to about five different cryptocurrencies – assuming they’re not limited to a single one. This means that if a user has several types of coins to manage, they likely have to switch between two or more different apps to access their assets.

OWNR Wallet solves this issue by supporting eleven basic coins (BTC, BCH, BCHSV, EOS, ETH, ETC, LTC ZEC, DASH, Doge, and Omni) and all the 306K+ ERC-20 tokens. This makes it one of the only 10+ asset wallets to support EOS, which is downright infamous for how complex it is to integrate into a wallet.

By choosing OWNR Wallet, users can manage all of their assets in one place – accessible via any mobile (Android and iOS) or desktop device (Windows, Linux, Mac). To further simplify the experience, it’s possible to customize the names of multiple wallets for a specific coin within the app. Asset and token auto-discovery features, meanwhile, mean that all of the assets supported are instantly available upon restoration.

As of October 2019, OWNR has also made it possible to purchase cryptocurrency in the app and on the website. All you need is a debit or credit card and a minimum purchase of $25.

Big plans for the future

Since its initial launch in 2019, OWNR has already substantially expanded the wallet’s abilities – most notably through the addition of EOS support and obtaining the MSB license to sell crypto in the U.S.

The developments don’t stop here, though: OWNR has recently announced plans of building an entire cryptocurrency platform, with significantly expanded functionality.

Upcoming features for the wallet app include advanced analytics for traders and new developer tools. The end-goal platform will offer prepaid cryptocurrency debit cards, a blockchain explorer, and OWNR’s own system of crypto exchange. These will enable users to complete just about any crypto-related activity on a single platform, without having to switch between apps.

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