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It’s 2015 and Facebook finally adds GIF support

Facebook finally adds GIF support after being out paced by just about every other social media platform.

For a company that essentially has infinite money, it’s surprising that Facebook didn’t adopted GIF support earlier. Sure, you could use a wonky workaround by publishing a GIF-to-Video on Instagram and sharing it with Facebook, but quite frankly, that was a pain and typically not worth it.

But as of today, GIF abusers rejoice, GIFs are now available on Facebook. One of the greatest things about social media is trolling your friends, and GIF usage makes that super fun and easy. We’ve been doing it on Twitter for years, and now we can finally troll our family and friends on Facebook, as well.

Embedding a GIF on Facebook is super easy, simply drag the link of your favorite GIF into your status box or comment box, and Facebook does the rest. It should be noted that you cannot upload GIFs from you computer yet, but hopefully that will be next. It looks to be a slow rollout, as some users are still unable to post GIFs.

It’s about time honestly, and I look forward to using any and every reaction GIF I can get my hands on.

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